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POV-Ray Lighting Examples

Perm url with updates: Lighting ExamplesXah Lee, 2006-12This page is a short example of POV-Ray's Lighting. If you don't understand it, please see Introduction to POV-Ray. POV-Ray has a lot parameters and types to control the lighting of a scene.Default LightingDefault lighting. This is done with “light_source { <4,4,4> color White}”. Such a light source is a point source with infinite power, shines in all directions, and cast hard shadows. lighting_norm.pov (Note that there's also a white ambient light present by default. We'll discuss it below.) SpotlightSpotlight. Note that the spotlight cone edge falls on the sphere, that's why there's a weird shadow at the top of the sphere. lighting_spot.pov Here's the syntax for spotlight.light_source { <4,4,4> // position color White spotlight // specifies spotlight radius 15// cone opening from its axis in degrees. Light start to dim outside…

image editing, porn, ... et al.

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