grizzly bear, saddam et al.


• Watched the movie Grizzly Man↗ by happenstance. The entire movie is a documentary about the guy Timothy Treadwell↗ (1957-2003). As you watch the film, you'll see that Tim is a emotionally unstable nutcase, and loving bears and “protecting” grizzly bears has become his life's addiction and purported goal. What make the whole affair interesting and having a movie made about him, is that he got eaten by the bears, while he's living his ways in the wild, along with his girlfriend. And they turned on their video recorder in the last few minutes of their lives.

Brown bear↗, Grizzly Bear↗, Grizzly-polar bear hybrid↗. These guys weights up to 700 kg, and can run at some 55 km/h. A force not to be reckoned with. (the quip is just for one-on-one encounter only. Of course, if we wanted, we can kill any bear, nay, his entire family. Nah, when push comes to shove, we human animals can have their entire race exterminated within days. Bears, go home!)

Bird's nest soup↗ (燕窩) Chinese eats these. These are edible nest made by a particular type of swallow called cave swifts. «A single white nest can cost up to $2,000, and a “red blood” nest can cost up to $10,000.»

As far as my life-style or philosophy goes, i think anyone who eats this is a fuckhead. In the pre-high-tech times, it is ok for human animals to eat these, for the pleasure of variety in taste as well as the nutrient it provides. After all, we got eaten by all sorts of other carnivorous beasts too. Besides, we can eat bird nest all day and they'd out number us. But in our technological era of 21st century, where we human animals have dominated the landscape, to the point that we are extincting hundreds of other species at the pace of per decade, carnivorous or not. In such a day and age, it doesn't seems right to pluck a bird's nest just for the novelty of taste. I mean, if you need nutrition, there's vitamin C. If you are starving, there's McDonalds. If you want variety in food, there's Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, French cuisine, mediterranean food, and sushi and pizza, and Starbuck's coffee & Coke. What kind of fuckhead needs to climb ladders over precipitous cliffs to steal a bird's nest (and kill the birds) for food just for a show of status? Yeah, that's the Chinese. The Chinese are also superstitious about eating Rhino horns and Tiger's penis and Shark's fins↗ , thinking that these will enhance a man's sexual prowess. What fuck faces they are.

• Saddam Hussein is dead. Here's some excerpt from wikipedia: Execution of Saddam Hussein↗:

«Saddam's lawyers have stated that they believe that the trial was unfair, calling the trial “political assassination,” and will continue to “[use] all legal paths available locally and internationally until public opinion gets the truth...”[81]»
«Human Rights Watch issued a statement claiming the “execution follows a flawed trial and marks a significant step away from the rule of law in Iraq.”[78] Amnesty International also released a statement saying it “opposed the death penalty in all circumstances but it was especially egregious when this ultimate punishment is imposed after an unfair trial.”[82] The International Federation of Human Rights released a statement on December 27, two days before Saddam's death, calling “upon Iraq's Head of State to ensure a moratorium on the death sentence pronounced against Saddam Hussein.” The organization also claimed Saddam should be treated as a prisoner of war and receive the rights of one, according to the Geneva conventions. [83]»

Note that George W Bush, caused the death of Iraqi people from about 50 thousand to 250 thousand (counting only civilians), and this is done without the sanction of most other races, and USA's military power is far beyond the rest of the world. (US military spending is about equal to the sum of all the rest of the world's countries.)

Chinese has a saying: “胜者为王,败者为寇”, meaning “the winner is the king, the loser is the bandit”. The roughly equivalent English idiom is “Winner takes all”. It is simply a matter of natural law, that the most powerful decides what is right and wrong. (presuming here that there is such a thing as “Right and Wrong”.)

When a cat toys with a mouse before rending it to pieces, one don't say “hey, that's unfair”. It is unfortunate, that the cat has claws, and the mouse doesn't. Now, we US has nuclear weapons, and Saddam Hussein doesn't. This is the fundamental priciple of politics.

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