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taiwan under dutch rule

2007-01-08 Taiwan under Dutch rule↗. Excerpt:«Dutch traders, in search of an Asian base first claimed Formosa (Taiwan) in 1624 as a base for Dutch commerce with Japan and the coast of China.»«The Dutch built a second administrative castle on the main island of Taiwan in 1633 and set out to earnestly turn Taiwan into a Dutch colony. The first order of business was to punish villages that had violently opposed the Dutch and unite the aborigines in allegiance with the VOC.»«The 1636 punitive attack on Lamay Island in response to the killing of the shipwrecked crew of the Beverwijck and the Golden Lion (Xiao Liu Qiu) ended ten years later with the entire aboriginal population of 1100 removed from the island, including 327 Lamayans killed in a cave, having been trapped there by the Dutch and suffocated by the fumes and smoke pumped into the cave by the Dutch in cooperation with aborigines from Saccam, Soulang and Pangsoya. The men were forced into slavery in Batavia (Java) and the women and…