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modernization of emacs lisp

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Modernization of Emacs Lisp

Xah Lee, 2008-01

Over the past decade, before i really got my hands down with Emacs lisp in the last couple of years, i have heard many times of wishes and projects that want to replace elisp with Common Lisp or Scheme lisp. At those times with my ignorance of deep elisp, i wished alone the same line, blithely hoping that one day we'll have a emacs with a better lisp (without me needing to put anything in). (this is the “i want to believe” syndrome typical with Free Software Foundation and OpenSource youngsters) However, in the past 2 years i studied elisp, and chanced to actually spend maybe 30 minutes about this issue of modernizing elisp and looked at some websites about such projects that use Scheme lisp or Common Lisp. I think now that these efforts are not as important as they seem.

Benefits With A New Lisp In Emacs

To create a emacs with Common Lisp or Scheme Lisp as extension language, is n…