A Review Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

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Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 Review

Xah Lee, 2009-08-24, 2010-09-16, 2010-11-03

Update: this keyboard is well-known for its key failure. See below for comment and how to fix.

Recently i bought the Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 2000.

Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 2000

Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 2000. amazon

This is a fantastic keyboard. If you find those split ergonomic keyboard too much, or if you prefer the laptop-style flat keys, then this is the keyboard to get.

Consider the price, it's fantastically cheap. Only $18. In comparison, most full key keyboards or ergonomic ones goes from $30 to $50.

This keyboard is very thin. Less than 2 cm.

This keyboard is also extremely sturdy. One piece of solid plastic. (if you hold the sides of the keyboard and forcefully twist it, you can't bend it easily.)

This keyboard is also light weight.

Like all flat keyboards, it's basically noise-less, with quick response because of the shallow keys.

I also love the way the keys alignment are curved. It's got some ergonomic advantage of split keyboards, but kept in one piece.

In my opinion, if you judge by the ratio of performance/price, then this definitely beats all Microsoft keyboards out there, and all other keyboard that exists, period.

Right now, there are 2 other keyboards i regularly use. They are:

Judging strictly on product performance regardless of price, between the above 2, i find it to be a tie. However, i might consider this Comfort Curve 2000 even beating both. This seems impossible to believe, since the Comfort Curve is not fully split ergonomic, and i'm a ergonomic split-keyboard fan. Also, this keyboard is flat keys, which is generally considered not good for prolonged typing. However, i do find this keyboard extremely comfortable and faster to type, especially for using Emacs.

All things considered, this is absolutely a fantastic keyboard.

Update: Keys May Fail!


Just discovered this, that this keyboard's keys is prone to failure. So, i don't recommend it.

I recommended this keyboard to a online friend about half a year ago. She told me she had some problem with some keys, said that she spilled drink on it. And she bought a new one, same model, and that too, keys started failing. Now she's on her 3rd one, and keys also fail.

At first i thought maybe spilling drinks on the keyboard is the problem, even though i thought minor spilling shouldn't be a problem, since modern keyboard usually are spill-proof. But key failing after the 3rd keyboard??

But recently, i noticed that keys on my keyboard do not work sometimes. The first time this happend is the F10 key. For some reason it worked next day. But today, the Enter key wasn't working for a while, now the key x fails sometimes. It's not consistent failure. Sometimes it works perfectly, but the next minute repeated press won't show up a single character.

A look at amazon here: Source , you see a lot comments about failing keys. So, this is a serious defect with this keyboard. Of all things about a keyboard, if the keys start to fail, it's the worst.

Final words: Do NOT buy this keyboard.

I'd recommend:

  • “Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000” amazon (review).
  • “The Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia keyboard” amazon (review)

Both i used for several years without a problem.

Beware of Garbage Advise

There are lots of sites that gives garbage advices about this keyboard. They'll say update the driver, clean the keyboard. These are not the problems of this keyboard. The problem is with the keyboard hardware itself. Also, return for replacement will probably not help. Lots of reports that says new replacement are still bad. Again, the problem is with this keyboard's design.

Existing Owners


there's a guy SMApple who wrote a post here: Source. He says the problem is electric static built-up inside the keyboard. Quote:

The problems with this MS comfort curve keyboard starts when at random some of the keys stop working, it dose not matter how hard you press or for how long, they just wont work, this problem is due to static charge build up on the thin plastic sheet/mat inside the keyboard that has electric circuit printed on them. This new keyboard technology is wonderful and superb, the keyboard is sheer pleasure to use when it is working, when you press the key it is quite soft and silent, so, it wont wake the baby up. it has no mechanical parts inside keyboard, it has lots of small soft plastic **** on plastic matt that you press with your keys so they don’t make any sound, same as in your average Remote control. Even in this year 2010 this plastic sheet circuit board needs lots of improvement yet, because it suffers from static charge build up. Microsoft seems to have opted for the cheapest quality non expensive plastic sheet circuit mat for their keyboard, probably made from some cheep biodegradable recycled plastic condoms, these cheep mats always have tendency to hold onto electric charge and wont discharge when they should, and consequently cut off circuit connections to the keys, same technology that is used in majority of the household remote controls, and ,so, the reason why Remote keys tend to stop functioning after a while.

His “solution” is to spend 15 min to open up the keyboard to discharge it, whenever keys starts to not working.

2010-10-18 Reviews on newegg also has lots people saying that the keys doesn't work. Source

How to Fix This Keyboard


Just learned from a friend, a good method of fixing this keyboard. Whenever some key doesn't work, take the keyboard up and hold it with one hand, and use the other hand to give the keyboard a slap with big impact. WHAM! Then, the defective keys will all work again! Seriously. She told me this, then i immediately plugged in the keyboard, checked that x is still defective, then i whacked it, and it immediately workd!

This is a fantastic solution. Because this is a really great keyboard, and now you can actually make it work.

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