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Some amazing videos.

Video of insect fights. You have Mantis, spiders, centepeds, wasps, scorporions, Atlas beetle, Hercules beetle, and even shrimp!. Look at the following 2, wasp vs scorpion. In one of them, wasp won, but the other, the wasp got stung dead by the scorp. In this one, wasp vs centepede, the wasp is aggressive, but loses.

This one, atlas beetle vs hercules beetle.

This one, wasp vs centipede: The wasp got killed by the venom.

Youtube video search: mongoose. Mongoose fighting snake. Also, lots of other animal fights, e.g. cat vs snake, etc.

A guy cutting off his penis and balls.

Amazing. With the rapid advance of communication techonolgy, in particular the internet, we can watch all sort of things readily at home within 5 minutes. Just 20 years ago, it would take months of research and digging in libraries.

Beetle are interested to me in particular of their anatomy. in particular, they have a hard protective shell cover for their wings, called Elytron. Also, their wings are folded! Folded wings is quite fascinating from the design perspective. The elytron function as a armor, of course. Imagine that. The disadvantage is of course the weight and decreased mobility. Another intriguing thing about insects is the Antenna (biology). In particular, read about their functionality.

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