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Xah Combat Dive Roll Movement Enhancer

Xah Lee, 2009-10

Xah Combat Dive Roll

Xah Combat Dive Roll is a realistic avatar enhancer for combat role playing. Pressing a key combination and your avatar will perform a dive roll. (a dive roll (or dodge roll) is a type of tumble in martial arts. You run, jump high, then roll your body over your shoulder to land.)

Dive Roll provides you with a strategic advantage in combat. Because of the sudden, faster-than-running movement, it makes you a harder target for hostile fire. Surprise your target by dashing out besides a wall and take down your enemy.

This is fully combat sim compliant for roll playing, and is a legal enhancer in most combat sims, including DCS sims, CCS sims, Gorean sims, and military sims.


  • Realistic animation.
  • Dash in 4 directions by key press: forward, backward, left, right.
  • Dash while in mouse view too.
  • Each dash moves your avatar 11 meters in 1.1 second.
  • One dash can be performed every 2.7 seconds. (so it is realistic and allowed in combat sims)
  • Cannot be activated while in mid air.
  • High quality scripting. Mono compiled.
  • Automatic version update.


  • Wear it. (Right click on it in inventory, then select Wear. Or, you can select Attach To Hud or Attach To body.)
  • Press Up Arrow key twice quickly to dash forward. Press Down Arrow key twice quickly to dash backward.
  • Hold down Shift then press Left Arrow key twice quickly to dash left. Same with Right Arrow key
  • While in mouse view, press any arrow key twice quickly to dash in that direction. (no need for holding down Shift key)
  • W A S D movement keys also work similarly.
  • Upon wearing, help message is displayed in your chat.

Free demo version available at: Xah Combat Dive Roll Movement Enhancer Demo.

Tech Spec

  • The distance dived is between 10 and 11 meters on flat surface.
  • The duration of a dive is 1.1 seconds.
  • After completing a dive, there is a 1.5 seconds delay before the next dive can be executed.
  • The time period between repeated arrow key presses recognized as activation is 0.7 seconds.

Where To Buy

Commission Program

For resellers, each sale gets you 20% commission. Please get the vendor free at: Xah Combat Dive Roll Vendor.

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