disk defragmentation


Windows has a disk defrag tool build in. Just click on the disk and get properties, then under Tools tab. I am a efficiency nerd, but don't really trust defrag tools as it can corrupt your files. (sure i have backup, but to invoke it is a pain) Since Microsoft bundles it with Windows and this is 2009 not 1990s, i suppose it is safe, but still. Also, i always do partition my drives, but on this machine it's just one volumn of 685 GB. Usually partitioning is best done when you just bought the machine. But with PC today, it doesn't comes with a Windows installation disk anymore, so it's more difficult and i haven't partitioned my drives. Anyhow, on the Mac, the system does not bundle a defrag tool, and i always wondered why not.

Wikipedia Defrag has some thing to say about this:

HFS Plus (Mac OS X) In 1998 it introduced a number of optimizations to the allocation algorithms in an attempt to defragment files while they are being accessed without a separate defragmenter. If the filesystem does become fragmented, the only way to defragment it is to purchase a utility such as Coriolis System's iDefrag; or to wipe the hard drive completely and install the system from scratch.

umm... a optimized algorithm. One wonders, if Apple can solve the frag problem, then Microsoft probably would have done so too. I'm a bit skeptical that Apple's file system actually do any significantly better than Windows about the frag problem. The disk frag problem isn't really something that can be solved by “optimized allocation algorithm”.

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