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Emacs Menu Usability Problem

Perm url Emacs Menu Usability ProblemEmacs Menu Usability ProblemXah Lee, 2009-02-06This page details some usability problems of Emacs's menu items.The following are screenshots of emacs 22's menu items, and with explanations on why i think some of them should be removed. There are about 30 menus or submenus i think are redundant, confusing, outdated, or inappropriate. A clean menu would help users learn or use more important commands and features.The non-interactive search menus are for one-time use, and do not have keyboard shortcuts. This operation method is extremely inefficient, and probably is almost never used statistically. Since emacs provides interactive search features, both by menu as well as by keyboard shortcut, it should replace these one-time find menu items. Emacs's Edit menu. The 3 Goto menu items are not much useful.The “Goto Buffer Position...” invokes the command goto-char, which moves the cursor to a given position in the buffer. “goto-char” is not much…

misc updates

Some misc updates:Why Is Namespace So Difficult? (newsgroup post)3D Graphics Formats and Social Causes in Computer Languages (newsgroup post)Body Sushi (anime erotica; images)A new project on emacs: emacs2010, hosted on google code. Spend some 5 hours to write a project plan: and added some extra photos to: Review Of Microsoft Natural Multimedia KeyboardAdded a youtube video: Why I'm Not A Proud Supporter Of FeminismA image editing problem. (a question on how to edit a bitmapped image of a painting to improve its tonal quality)