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“Free” Software Morality, Richard Stallman, and Paperwork Bureaucracy

Perm url: “Free” Software Morality, Richard Stallman, and Paperwork Bureaucracy.“Free” Software Morality, Richard Stallman, and Paperwork BureaucracyXah Lee, 2009-02-27This article discusses Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation's moral stance on software, and how legal paperwork required by FSF impedes the progress of FSF's software projects. The writing is originally based on a newsgroup post in at Richard Stallman, contributed to society in 2 significant ways. One is his coding, producing many major software, such as emacs, gcc, etc. The other, with far more greater impact, and is the reason he is remembered in human animal history, is the creation of FSF with its GPL.His technical, coding, contribution is unquestionably a positive contribution. His “free” software movement is, however, questionable. The reason that society recognized this social contribution, is partly, if not signi…

misc tidbits: Guantanamo torture; academic fight; moralist vs child porn

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Emacs Lisp Idiom Templates

Some useful templates for emacs lisp. This template set is based on useful elisp idioms on mostly text processing tasks. Get it at: Emacs Lisp Idiom Templates