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Yaron Minsky, a programer at “”, giving a talk about using Ocaml in the company. Dated about 2009-03. Highly intelligent. Started my own tutorial about Ocaml about a month ago. OCaml Basics.

Ban Xah Lee

perm url: Xah LeeXah Lee, 2009-03-07This page is a short collection of online communities that banned me, in a way that i don't consider just. It illustrates the power struggle nature among the tech geeking males.Harassment by John BokmaI was harassed by a newsgroup poster John Bokma (a regular of comp.lang.perl.misc) to have my web hosting service provider kick me off. This happened in 2006.Summary: I was posting relevant but controversial opinions in a rude manner to “comp.lang.*” newsgroups. I was using Google's newsgroup service to post it, and has nothing to do with my web hosting service provider, other than my signature containing my website or links to relevant articles on my website. However, this guy digs up my web hosting provider, and lobbied people to send complains to kick me off.Detailed account: and A Incidence of HarassmentWikipediaMy Wikipedia account P0lyglut is banned by Wikipedia admins in…

problems of emacs's man command

perm url: Of Emacs's “man” CommandXah Lee, 2009-03-11Emacs has a “man” command, that let users to display unix documentation called “man page”. However, it does not do syntax coloring. Emacs has a elisp version called “woman”, that does syntax coloring. However, there are some major usability problems for it to replace emacs's “man” command.• I had aliased “man” to “woman”, but noticed that sometimes when i type “M-x man” it still calls emacs's “man” man despite this. (haven't looked into what causes this or how this happens)• When calling “woman”, it takes some 3 secs to start up. (probably only happen when called first time in a session) In contrast, “man” starts right away without this delay. (The mini buffer message is: “Building list of manual directory expansions...”, “Building completion list of all manual topics...”)• Often “woman” will prompt me to make a choice among man pages of the same name found …