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Xah Particle Maker Doc

This is a documantion of a older version of Xah Particle Maker. For latest version, please visit Particle MakerThank you for purchasing Xah Particle Maker. It is the finest particle maker in Second Life. If you haven't purchased it yet, you can buy it at: A free demo version is available at: Xah Particle Maker. FeaturesNo Scripting Skill Required. Just touch buttons. Respond to typed command too.17 presets by touch: rain, snow, flame, volcano, fireworks, smoke, water jet, laser blast, supernova, solar wave, double spiral, flowing hearts, and more ...Easy to use. Simple 3D touch panels. Not a flat HUD or complex control center.Generates LSL source code. One touch generates particle script to put in your prim. (full perm)Smart random particle generator. Smart algorithm finds good particle patterns by a single touch. Discover effects you've never thought of!Supports Textures. Drag the texture to a prim … website down

My website,, is currently down. So is my email address there.It is due to me failing to update my credit card change. Hopefully it'll be back mid next week.For now, you can use google's cache.To contact me, please use xahlee@gmail.comYours truely,Xah Lee ☄