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cygwin tutorial and notes

perm url with updates: Installing Cygwin TutorialInstalling Cygwin TutorialXah Lee, 2009-06-03This page is a short guide on installing Cygwin on Windows (Vista), based on my personal experience, and some commentary.Here's Wikipedia article Cygwin for general info, and here's the homepage: Base InstallationFirst, download the cygwin installer “setup.exe”.Run it. Accept the default parameters, unless you really have a need to change things.When in the dialog to choose what programs to install, simply accept the default. Once you done installation of the base packages, you can come back to it and install other packages you need. If this is your first time, i highly recommend you follow this.The above should be smooth. When finished, you can test run cygwin by clicking the icon on desktop, and the cygwin terminal should come up. That means bash is running, and you've installed cygwin successfully.Installing Packages You WantNow, find out what othe…