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Removing HP/Compaq Software

perm url with updates: Removing HP/Compaq SoftwareRemoving HP/Compaq SoftwareXah Lee, 2009-06-23HP's PC comes bundled with a bunch of programs, including trial software and ad-ware. Some, such as its brand of DVD player or CD-burner, are good for average computer users, but many of the bundled software is a annoyance for professional programers. Here's some info about what they do, and how to remove them.Here's the bundled software as listed by HP of my model: Source. For my own record: hp_bundled_software.txt. In the following, software are listed roughly in the order starting from advertisement-ware to essential hardware drivers. Whether to delete is up to you. To delete, go to “Control Panel ‣ Programs and Features”.In the following, if you see “(delete)”, that means i personally have deleted it in my computer. Be sure also to check the Alternative Software section below, which offers reasonable quality replacement software that are free.DISCLAIMER: I'm a profession…