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Emacs Does Not Support Viewing Images Files In Windows

Perm url with updates: Does Not Support Viewing Images Files In WindowsXah Lee, 2009-09-18In Emacs's Dired mode for viewing directories, you can press Enter on a image file to view the image file. (this is a new feature in at least emacs 22) When working in html, you can also press “M-x ffap” (find-file-at-point) on a inline image link and view that image. This is very convenient. However, viewing image does not work out of the box in the GNU Emacs binary for Windows downloaded from FSF's website.I thought this is a show-stopping bug. I filed a bug report to FSF. (see: bug#4367) However, they don't think this is a bug, and refuse to fix it.The argument from the few replies of Emacs developers, in summary, are:Bundling DLL is problematic. It is problematic due to licensing issues, and or creates a maintenance problem.This is not a bug, and not important. If users want image support for Windows, they can download …

Idiocy of Keyboard Layouts

Perm url with updates: of Keyboard Layouts: QWERTZ, AZERTY, Alt GraphXah Lee, 2009-09-16, 2010-11-03Recently, am looking at different keyboard layouts used in different countries, in discussion about ErgoEmacs project. See Keyboard layout.One thing i noticed, is that many of them are idiotically designed.Idiocy of Swapping KeysA variation of QWERTZ layout used in Germany. For example, the QWERTZ one used in Germany and some other euro countries. It differs from QWERTY by swapping Y and Z. Here's the frequency of these keys in German according to Letter frequency: Z (1.13%) 20th most frequent. Y (0.04%) 25th most frequent. We see that both are not frequently used, and Y is almost never used.On QWERTY, Z is a pinky curl to the lower row, while Y requires a 2-key extend of the 2nd (pointing) finger to the upper row. It is questionable that Y is easier to type than Z.A Belgian AZERTY layout. Similar is the AZERTY layout, used in Franc… tidbits 2009-09-15

tidbits:2009-09-15 Watched Coraline (film) today. Pretty good. Better in first half. Not as good as i expected though, because i read the summary of the story on Wikipedia first and i think i'd love it. I didn't particular find the animation that spectacular, nor the story extraordinarily fascinating.This movie reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth, also a fantastic film. I think i liked PL better.The technology of this film, Stop-motion, is rather fascinating. Basically, you just take still photos and sequence them together. I couldn't imagine how such method could make a good, smooth, animation, but apparantly it can.Typically, stop-animation is done using clays for characters, because clay is easy to mold. This film is done by 3D printing to create models. Amazing technology. Imagine, in order to create this film, they have to build minature sets, and take tens of thousands photos of it. Quite amazing. Consider what it takes to build the minature sets, little houses, chairs,…

keyboard shortcut notations

Perm url with updates: Short Survey Of Keyboard Shortcut NotationXah Lee, 2009-09-13This article details some issues about designing notation that represent key presses, as often displayed in menus for keyboard shortcuts.Here's some example of illustration the shortcuts notations used for various keys, from Microsoft Windows applications. These examples are from Microsoft's Internet Explorer (Version 8.0), Windows Mail (Version 6.0): Ctrl+N (New Window in IE) Ctrl+Shift+H (History in IE) Alt+F4 (Close) Alt+Left Arrow (Back in IE) Esc (Stop in IE) F5 (Refresh in IE) Alt+Home (Home Page in IE) Alt+Enter (Properties in Windows Mail) (missing examples of using the Tab key, and Page up/down key, Backspace and Delete keys.)[about choosing a keyboard shortcut notation for a new emacs distribution ErgoEmacs] I think Microsoft's notation is good enough, t…