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Second Life: Xah Combat Dive Roll

perm url with updates: Combat Dive Roll Movement EnhancerXah Lee, 2009-10 Xah Combat Dive Roll is a realistic avatar enhancer for combat role playing. Pressing a key combination and your avatar will perform a dive roll. (a dive roll (or dodge roll) is a type of tumble in martial arts. You run, jump high, then roll your body over your shoulder to land.)Dive Roll provides you with a strategic advantage in combat. Because of the sudden, faster-than-running movement, it makes you a harder target for hostile fire. Surprise your target by dashing out besides a wall and take down your enemy.This is fully combat sim compliant for roll playing, and is a legal enhancer in most combat sims, including DCS sims, CCS sims, Gorean sims, and military sims.FeaturesRealistic animation.Dash in 4 directions by key press: forward, backward, left, right.Dash while in mouse view too.Each dash moves your avatar 11 meters in 1.1 second.One dash can be performed…


Tidbits. 2009-10-12 Recently i joined Chthonic Syndicate, one of Second Life's military group. (meaning, a combat/military roll playing and action community in Second Life.) Learned a lot about the combat gaming community. This community are mostly teens or 20 something. You learn their argots, interests, social structure, etc. Some of interest:PMS PMS Clan. A female group of combat oriented gamers.RPG, refers to anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launcher. RPG-7Xfire is a gamer tool for gamer community. e.g. post your machine spec, chat, scores, screenshots, videos, what games you play, hours played, etc.TeamSpeak and Ventrilo are popular group voice chat programs. Group voice communication is critically important for real time, group action, games, such as gun fights. Efficient communication is one of the most important key in winning a war, just as in real life militaries.There are a lot software for CPU gauge, typcially called system monitoring tool. That is, they graph yo…