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intro to firearms from Second Life Military

perm url with updates: To Firearms From Second Life MilitaryXah Lee, 2009-11-01While playing in Second Life, people have made guns that are multiple barrels that rotates. I've been curious about what's the name of such gun, its general history, technical reasons for their existence, and if such desigen is still relevant today.Such type of gun is called Gattling gun. Today, we have single barrel guns that fires continuously and rapidly. (e.g. big ones with bullet belts are known as Machine guns and we have what's called automatic pistols, rifles, shotguns. Technically, all these are called Fully automatic.) The technology of guns with multiple barrels that rotates, is still used today. The main advantage is that, single barrel guns that fire too rapidly would get too hot, by the mere fact of too many bullets going thru it too fast. So, there's the rotation of barrel, which solves the overheating problem, but also provide simu…