song appreciation: 在水一方

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Xah Lee, 2009-11-27

A song sung by Teresa Deng.

Title: 在水一方
Singer: 邓丽君 (Teresa Deng)
Lyrics: 琼瑶
Music: 林家庆
English translation: 李杀 (Xah Lee)






vast grasslands, immense sky of clouds
there is a lady, across the water

verdant green grass, misty white clouds
there is this lady, she lives by the water

i would go up-stream
to be with her
even if there are obstacles
even if the road is long

i would go down-stream
to look for her course
far away vaguely i see
she's right in the center

i would go up-stream
to whisper in her ears
even if there are dangerous waves
even if the road is unpaved

i would go down-stream
searching for her footsteps
far away vaguely i see
she's waiting for me

vast grasslands, immense sky of clouds
there is a lady, across the water

Translation notes:

  • (qi1), means verdant.
  • 仿, both 仿佛 and 依稀 means vaguely.
  • = 踨. 踪迹 = (abstractly) the trail of footsteps.
  • 立. 佇 (zhu4) means standing for long, or, waiting.


Li Ao's video lectures

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Li Ao Lectures

Xah Lee, 2009-11-20

In the past few days, i've been watching many Li Ao's video lectures. They are Fantastic.

Here's one on language, in particular the survivalability of the Min Nan dialog.

444 李敖有话说:台湾语早晚被淘汰 A.

444 李敖有话说:台湾语早晚被淘汰 B.

In these, he showed, about maybe 30 or more Chinese terms and their origin, in acient Chinese literature. Quite fantastic. (todo: type them out here)

Also, the indicated that the term “名词” (noun), is of Japanese origin. (todo: verify).

See also:

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月26日 才女与美女如何兼备 Part 1”.

In the above, he mentioned a book, “American Policy Toward Communist China”, subtitled “The historical record: 1949-1969” by Foster Rhea Dulles. amazon It is published in 1972.

He chatted about expensive Fountain pen, among other things. How interesting.

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月26日 才女与美女如何兼备 Part 2”

In it, he has written a poem, published as a ad, for the luxury fountain pen maker Montblanc (pens). The poem goes thus:



He also talks about Virginia Woolf. Interesting. I've never read any work by her, nor realized that she killed herself.

He also mentioned and showed us, that the Montblanc produced a special edition of their fountain pen in memory of Virginia Woolf. Here's Montblanc's page for the pen: http://www.montblanc.com/6695.php.

He also mentioned the french actress Brigitte Bardot (b1934). He mentioned, that when she's old, she does not have any mirrors in her house (unable to stand seeing her old ugly self in comparsion when she's a sex symbol.), and how she became a “animal rights” activist.

These movie star ignorant motherfucking idiots. It's animal rights, or human rights, or this and that donation, causes, helping out, save the world, fucking shit, because when they get old, or become out of fame, they don't have any content, but still a human animal with vanity and self-worth conscious, thus use their fame and money to “advance” some idiotic concepts to redeem their self-worth.

One story of her cited by Li Ao, is how she castrated a neighbor's donkey because she think the donky is sexually harrassing her female donkey. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:

She once had a neighbor's donkey castrated while looking after it, on the grounds of its "sexual harassment" of her own donkey and mare, for which she was taken to court by the donkey's owner in 1989[12][13]. In 1999 Bardot wrote a letter to Chinese President Jiang Zemin, published in French magazine VSD, in which she accused the Chinese of "torturing bears and killing the world's last tigers and rhinos to make aphrodisiacs".[14]

220px-Brigitte Bardot BrigitteBardot

Brigitte Bardot (b1934), then (1968) and now (2002). Source Source On the left, a hot bimbo. On the right, a hag. A hag is when a bimbo turns old with unbalanced mentality.

For youtube vids of her youth, see: Brigitte Bardot.

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月26日 才女与美女如何兼备 Part 3”

He mentioned about a poem by John Donne (1572-1631), titled “For whom the bell tolls”. I always thought that's just a title of Ernest Hemingway's novel For whom the bell tolls. Here's the poem and Li Ao's translation:

(For whom the bell tolls, by John Donne)

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.


“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月26日 才女与美女如何兼备 Part 4”

In this part, he talks about the ex movie star, his ex-wife, Hu Yin Meng (胡茵梦)

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月26日 才女与美女如何兼备 Part 5”

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月2日 从阿扁弊案说开去 Part 1”

See also: History of money


“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月2日 从阿扁弊案说开去 Part 2”

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月2日 从阿扁弊案说开去 Part 3”

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月2日 从阿扁弊案说开去 Part 4”

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月2日 从阿扁弊案说开去 Part 5”

Poland China, is a name for a particular breed of American pigs.

“李敖语妙天下 2009年2月20日 中国迟早统一 Part 1”

Here's a complete index of one of his lecture show “李敖有话说”.

  • 001.2004-03-08:我终于有一个机会在这里抛头露面
  • 002.2004-03-09:台湾人说他想独立,全中国人民都笑了
  • 003.2004-03-10:沐猴而冠和Democrazy
  • 004.2004-03-11:膀胱容尿真有力,立院审案好处多
  • 005.2004-03-12:民主政治的不当之处
  • 006.2004-03-15:泄露天机,看看李登辉的叛徒嘴脸
  • 007.2004-03-16:李登辉是个认贼作祖的小人
  • 008.2004-03-17:“公投”丐词魔术骗你不商量
  • 009.2004-03-18:没有台湾问题,根本是中国和美国的问题
  • 010.2004-03-19:给奴才做奴才的奴才
  • 011.2004-03-22:岛小妖风大,池浅王八多
  • 012.2004-03-23:镭射刀口自己切,黄盖自己打黄盖
  • 013.2004-03-24:陈水扁就是个卖牙签的希特勒
  • 014.2004-03-25:由“弃”字识破风凉话
  • 015.2004-03-26:漏油漏下来才能雨露均沾
  • 016.2004-03-29:陈水扁的英文笑话
  • 017.2004-03-30:哭笑不得的胡搅蛮缠
  • 018.2004-03-31:李敖的快乐人生观
  • 019.2004-04-01:台独只是一个梦
  • 020.2004-04-02:“骗子”诗人和他的诗
  • 021.2004-04-05:“停电状态”轻松解决台湾问题
  • 022.2004-04-06:错误人选传递错误讯息
  • 023.2004-04-07:打不赢的官司也要打
  • 024.2004-04-08:给台湾一个梦醒的时间
  • 025.2004-04-09:从两场演讲看言论自由
  • 026.2004-04-12:悬崖边的三五步是安全的
  • 027.2004-04-13:揭开“台独烈士”的真相
  • 028.2004-04-14:台湾脱裤子比你想像得快
  • 029.2004-04-15:以德报怨,何以报德
  • 030.2004-04-16:粗话,人民的语言
  • 031.2004-04-19:假设的问题永远没有答案
  • 032.2004-04-20:钱其琛的《外交十记》
  • 033.2004-04-21:露出指缝的自由
  • 034.2004-04-22:革命目的是请客吃饭
  • 035.2004-04-23:木偶奇遇记里的蟋蟀
  • 036.2004-04-26:没裤子穿和造原子弹
  • 037.2004-04-27:爱迪生的失败发明
  • 038.2004-04-28:阿拉丁神灯和卫生棉
  • 039.2004-04-29:不平等是走向平等的开始
  • 040.2004-04-30:耐得住寂寞的斗士
  • 041.2004-05-03:父亲的文凭和女儿的皮鞋
  • 042.2004-05-04:好读书须求甚解
  • 043.2004-05-05:马克思主义在三楼展开
  • 044.2004-05-06:少说一句昧良心话,你不会死
  • 045.2004-05-07:伟哥孝祖宗,宾利敬先人
  • 046.2004-05-10:思想比现代人新的古人
  • 047.2004-05-11:用你的规则出你的洋相
  • 048.2004-05-12:该是谁的就是谁的
  • 049.2004-05-13:认识人越多越喜欢狗
  • 050.2004-05-14:为反对而反对,为打倒而打倒
  • 051.2004-05-17:一月二月将军最大
  • 052.2004-05-18:白天打灯笼,晚上睡木桶
  • 053.2004-05-19:毛毛虫找不到民进党
  • 054.2004-05-20:骷髅吊起,显示骨气
  • 055.2004-05-21:跑不过熊但跑得过你
  • 056.2004-05-24:流泪撒种,欢呼收割
  • 057.2004-05-25:丧钟为谁敲响
  • 058.2004-05-26:有话大家写,清算蒋光头
  • 059.2004-05-27:蒋介石你骗不了我
  • 060.2004-05-28:有了奶就不做美国人
  • 061.2004-05-31:意淫台独,手淫台湾
  • 062.2004-06-01:狗套加身看你还闹
  • 063.2004-06-02:用贿选反贿选
  • 064.2004-06-03:“国父不死还有精神”
  • 065.2004-06-04:原来台湾在大陆肚皮上
  • 066.2004-06-07:为什么总在警局自杀?
  • 067.2004-06-08:六一情结旧时浓
  • 068.2004-06-09:涮你总统没商量
  • 069.2004-06-10:打击经济杀一儆百遏台独
  • 070.2004-06-11:逼着好人上前线
  • 071.2004-06-14:一窍不通就为长生不老
  • 072.2004-06-15:找准台湾问题的窍
  • 073.2004-06-16:黄埔军校两头通吃
  • 074.2004-06-17:鹰犬将军临终觉悟
  • 075.2004-06-18:自欺欺人的大不要脸家
  • 076.2004-06-21:台湾军队只会扮靓
  • 077.2004-06-22:临阵磨文天祥
  • 078.2004-06-23:鲁迅,文法上的过去式
  • 079.2004-06-24:放水偷生是老康
  • 080.2004-06-25:里根的下半身在哪?
  • 081.2004-06-28:言论自由像A片
  • 082.2004-06-29:盗不过五女之门
  • 083.2004-06-30:杀进教授宴会的屠夫
  • 084.2004-07-01:严氏一门家传历史
  • 085.2004-07-02:意想不到的历史反讽
  • 086.2004-07-05:美国,一个邪恶帝国
  • 087.2004-07-06:限时分手最浪漫
  • 088.2004-07-07:爱情不能吐光丝
  • 089.2004-07-08:依然骨肉几家能够
  • 090.2004-07-09:发挥想象力,卧在家中游
  • 091.2004-07-12:蒋介石出卖外蒙内幕
  • 092.2004-07-13:恐怖时期“敦伦蒙难记”
  • 093.2004-07-14:言语妙天下
  • 094.2004-07-15:伪孝的蒋介石
  • 095.2004-07-16:国民党的伪政权
  • 096.2004-07-19:政治权谋里的不立文字
  • 097.2004-07-20:为陈炯明喊冤平反
  • 098.2004-07-21:白纸黑字,欺尽苍生
  • 099.2004-07-22:虚立文字欺骗历史
  • 100.2004-07-23:以国作家,公私不分
  • 101.2004-07-26:人情练达即文章
  • 102.2004-07-27:好事不要都做完
  • 103.2004-07-28:新夷说引“杀身祸”
  • 104.2004-07-29:鼓动风潮揭老底
  • 105.2004-07-30:求仁得仁,罪有应得
  • 106.2004-08-02:克什米尔公主号事件
  • 107.2004-08-03:见仁见智见混蛋
  • 108.2004-08-04:从莫须有到将不同
  • 109.2004-08-05:是谁杀了陶成章?
  • 110.2004-08-06:听真话没选择
  • 111.2004-08-09:广告管制吓一跳
  • 112.2004-08-10:马屁诗人马屁诗
  • 113.2004-08-11:“此肉同归于土”
  • 114.2004-08-12:知识老厨现身说法
  • 115.2004-08-13:迟到正义不是正义
  • 116.2004-08-16:三毛流浪记
  • 117.2004-08-17:玩弄词汇定义
  • 118.2004-08-18:负面情感应归零
  • 119.2004-08-19:山重水复有马飞
  • 120.2004-08-20:诗经里的生殖崇拜
  • 121.2004-08-23:以史为鉴可知得失
  • 122.2004-08-24:多读书方不受人惑
  • 123.2004-08-25:中国文化人格分裂
  • 124.2004-08-26:怎么样做美国人
  • 125.2004-08-27:身闲心劳爱联想
  • 126.2004-08-30:一国两制最利台湾
  • 127.2004-08-31:钱,是个好东西
  • 128.2004-09-01:无知不会有真正的信仰
  • 129.2004-09-02:百尺竿头站脚,千层浪里翻身
  • 130.2004-09-03:抗日英雄梁肃戎
  • 131.2004-09-06:书房里的裸女像
  • 132.2004-09-07:我女儿像共产党
  • 133.2004-09-08:草蜢弄鸡公,找死
  • 134.2004-09-09:理想主义者杂谈
  • 135.2004-09-10:喝彩的都是变脸
  • 136.2004-09-13:大卫王失踪的包皮
  • 137.2004-09-14:光着屁股来去
  • 138.2004-09-15:军中乐园血泪史
  • 139.2004-09-16:国军老兵
  • 140.2004-09-17:傅斯年其人其事
  • 141.2004-09-20:最后一个知识分子
  • 142.2004-09-21:蒋介石定律
  • 143.2004-09-22:云南王的“沉默”
  • 144.2004-09-23:不信书信运气
  • 145.2004-09-24:邓小平的典范
  • 146.2004-09-27:历史对李鸿章公道吗
  • 147.2004-09-28:请愿而死是可耻的
  • 148.2004-09-29:替蒋介石“辩护”
  • 149.2004-09-30:你有责任善待国宝
  • 150.2004-10-01:文物有灵,历史有灵
  • 151.2004-10-04:自费做人家看门狗
  • 152.2004-10-05:数千亿军购买白卡
  • 153.2004-10-06:有趣的历史骗局
  • 154.2004-10-07:缺德煞风景的笑话
  • 155.2004-10-08:“鼻屎”部长出世界洋相
  • 156.2004-10-11:蔡万霖打败孙中山
  • 157.2004-10-12:笑傲江湖玩一把
  • 158.2004-10-13:要选就选狠角色
  • 159.2004-10-14:美德也要自我宣传
  • 160.2004-10-15:台独教父假台独
  • 161.2004-10-18:拆穿台独西洋镜
  • 162.2004-10-19:历史不会给台湾耐心
  • 163.2004-10-20:美国大狗撞翻全球
  • 164.2004-10-21:牺牲LP保护肛门
  • 165.2004-10-22:台湾尊严是抱大腿
  • 166.2004-10-25:据理力争,财源滚滚
  • 167.2004-10-26:“九二共识”存在吗
  • 168.2004-10-27:更改国号的遗憾
  • 169.2004-10-28:台湾换马甲也没戏
  • 170.2004-10-29:为了真理牺牲朋友
  • 171.2004-11-01:别用放大镜看花
  • 172.2004-11-02:美国爸爸像共产党?
  • 173.2004-11-03:强奸民意的陈水扁
  • 174.2004-11-04:有智能不如有财运
  • 175.2004-11-05:抓紧时间,抢救中文
  • 176.2004-11-08:中国文字咸鱼翻身
  • 177.2004-11-09:中文如何发扬光大
  • 178.2004-11-10:强势中文浓缩特色
  • 179.2004-11-11:用中国话芝麻开门
  • 180.2004-11-12:集思广益,繁荣中文
  • 181.2004-11-15:要经典不要迷信
  • 182.2004-11-16:耍特权害人害己
  • 183.2004-11-17:紧紧捏住九二共识
  • 184.2004-11-18:不要成全台独耍赖
  • 185.2004-11-19:台独傲骨另类定义
  • 186.2004-11-22:过分自谦就是说谎
  • 187.2004-11-23:捡起尊严,保护荷包
  • 188.2004-11-24:大师摇身变助理
  • 189.2004-11-25:历史迁徙的创伤
  • 190.2004-11-26:细数台湾的闭门造
  • 191.2004-11-29:谁说台湾地位未定?
  • 192.2004-11-30:打狗要找真主人
  • 193.2004-12-01:乐不思蜀未必错
  • 194.2004-12-02:一个中国跑不掉
  • 195.2004-12-03:不战不和,然后捣蛋
  • 196.2004-12-06:游子回乡便不同
  • 197.2004-12-07:叶落归根的中国人
  • 198.2004-12-08:魂兮归来大陆情
  • 199.2004-12-09:议会史上的大笑话
  • 200.2004-12-10:台独怪胎狗格分裂
  • 201.2004-12-13:各方神圣调整心态
  • 202.2004-12-14:闻别人过则喜
  • 203.2004-12-15:何妨让台独说话
  • 204.2004-12-16:玩笑说诗经
  • 205.2004-12-17:美国爸爸的丑儿子
  • 206.2004-12-20:能当选全靠假民主
  • 207.2004-12-21:配票民主世界创举
  • 208.2004-12-22:蓝绿夹击赢得辛苦
  • 209.2004-12-23:以子之法掐子之脖
  • 210.2004-12-24:现行反中老美不敢
  • 211.2004-12-27:配票出错,幸运当选
  • 212.2004-12-28:请国民党做狗男女
  • 213.2004-12-29:甲乙陈水扁
  • 214.2004-12-30:不知史就不知未来
  • 215.2004-12-31:不报仇是忘恩负义
  • 216.2005-01-03:二二八事件真相
  • 217.2005-01-04:美日介入二二八
  • 218.2005-01-05:陈仪将军之死
  • 219.2005-01-06:有教养的辜振甫
  • 220.2005-01-07:只提精英,不提流氓
  • 221.2005-01-10:炒作悲情,篡改历史
  • 222.2005-01-11:在台湾的离奇遭遇
  • 223.2005-01-12:不要轻易被骗
  • 224.2005-01-13:肉麻的知识份子
  • 225.2005-01-14:刁民万岁
  • 226.2005-01-17:不要战到一兵一卒
  • 227.2005-01-18:新思想笑看身后事
  • 228.2005-01-19:狮子伦理和唐太宗
  • 229.2005-01-20:到奴役之路
  • 230.2005-01-21:谁在给骗子捧场
  • 231.2005-01-24:意外杀掉的人才
  • 232.2005-01-25:游戏人间第一流
  • 233.2005-01-26:孬种变英雄靠训练
  • 234.2005-01-27:老照片看时代变迁
  • 235.2005-01-28:虚幻人情概不理
  • 236.2005-01-31:制度腐败逼你逃税
  • 237.2005-02-01:重温旧梦是个错误
  • 238.2005-02-02:缺点里表达完美
  • 239.2005-02-03:九十岁的多愁善感
  • 240.2005-02-04:恐怖科技追踪红颜
  • 241.2005-02-07:结婚证反射大历史
  • 242.2005-02-08:真假拜年维系礼貌
  • 243.2005-02-09:像戴高乐那样反美
  • 244.2005-02-10:侠盗罗宾汉
  • 245.2005-02-11:滴水之恩的回报
  • 246.2005-02-14:怨天尤人是弱者
  • 247.2005-02-15:反神权对自己宣誓
  • 248.2005-02-16:亮票选举史上最无聊
  • 249.2005-02-17:奇怪解读发誓作废
  • 250.2005-02-18:七十年轮回一场空
  • 251.2005-02-21:暴君带来的光荣
  • 252.2005-02-22:动手动脚找证据
  • 253.2005-02-23:床上功夫探求真相
  • 254.2005-02-24:“新老贼”进立法院
  • 255.2005-02-25:带着尿袋去战斗
  • 256.2005-02-28:人才为何愿做忠狗
  • 257.2005-03-01:斯巴达式的教育
  • 258.2005.03.02:老脸霸占万年国会
  • 259.2005-03-03:老立委和假民
  • 260.2005-03-04:三读老脸手册
  • 261.2005-03-07:红颜为何爱自毁
  • 262.2005-03-08:孤独的愉悦
  • 263.2005-03-09:大小通吃扫清路障
  • 264.2005-03-10:社会主义不需忏悔
  • 265.2005-03-11:拒绝三轮追汽车
  • 266.2005-03-14:勇敢迟到四十七年
  • 267.2005-03-15:要胜利不要得胃癌
  • 268.2005-03-16:帝国主义者鲨鱼也
  • 269.2005-03-17:二二八和族群无关
  • 270.2005-03-18:旧帐新栽关我屁事
  • 271.2005-03-21:拉登有权选择武器
  • 272.2005-03-22:我的格调没那么低
  • 273.2005-03-23:小脚放大没放好
  • 274.2005-03-24:英雄都会令人厌倦
  • 275.2005-03-25:捞了244个“立委”被告
  • 276.2005-03-28:99%国民党+1%混蛋=民进党
  • 277.2005-03-29:揭密张学良
  • 278.2005-03-30:“不抵抗将军”真相
  • 279.2005-03-31:民族英雄的真面目
  • 280.2005-04-01:历史改写一念之间
  • 281.2005-04-04:大个儿说话不算话
  • 282.2005-04-05:张学良的悲剧
  • 283.2005-04-06:割LP也能表决心
  • 284.2005-04-07:谈笑间为“将军”洗脑
  • 285.2005-04-08:“国防”可以不设防
  • 286.2005-04-11:第五种思考反军购
  • 287.2005-04-12:码表卡时间别讲话
  • 288.2005-04-13:陈水扁向自己抗议
  • 289.2005-04-14:人老去以后的硬度
  • 290.2005-04-15:皇帝不如三流富翁
  • 291.2005-04-18:男人怎样放美女
  • 292.2005-04-19:老鼠没资格原谅猫
  • 293.2005-04-20:非其鬼而祭之谄也
  • 294.2005-04-21:选同志比选敌人重要
  • 295.2005-04-22:文告百分比
  • 296.2005-04-25:李敖的书房
  • 297.2005-04-26:立法委员的权利
  • 298.2005-04-27:卖台大比赛
  • 299.2005-04-28:连战今天的身价
  • 300.2005-04-29:稀奇古怪的点子和概念
  • 301.2005-05-02:在表达觉悟前先忏悔
  • 302.2005-05-03:六十九岁李敖的最后一次画面
  • 303.2005-05-04:鸡知道了,你还是米
  • 304.2005-05-05:李敖出现,官不聊生
  • 305.2005-05-06:坐牢大王赫斯
  • 306.2005-05-09:民主政治的流弊
  • 307.2005-05-10:推翻孔夫子的境界
  • 308.2005-05-11:装订着自己的快乐
  • 309.2005-05-12:我的另外一个世界
  • 310.2005-05-13:偶尔我也会逃避
  • 311.2005-05-16:照片中灵光一闪的人生
  • 312.2005-05-17:泼泼连战的冷水
  • 313.2005-05-18:年华无奈老去
  • 314.2005-05-19:忽然成佛
  • 315.2005-05-20:明星爱玩自杀
  • 316.2005-05-23:我李敖才真正有权有势
  • 317.2005-05-24:偷得浮生一日闲
  • 318.2005-05-25:我会继续批评下去
  • 319.2005-05-26:抱怨人生是没有出息的
  • 320.2005-05-27:讲“坏话”的好处
  • 321.2005-05-30:以牙还牙,以眼还眼
  • 322.2005-05-31:苦海无边,回头是岸
  • 323.2005-06-01:不平则怨没出息
  • 324.2005-06-02:更好的,你没见识过
  • 325.2005-06-03:名笔抢镜,军购让路
  • 326.2005-06-06:苦中作乐,笑对人生
  • 327.2005-06-07:言语背后是活生生的血肉
  • 328.2005-06-08:乱世人“鬼”情未了
  • 329.2005-06-09:好推论永远不会被推翻
  • 330.2005-06-10:自导自演的枪击案
  • 331.2005-06-13:历史不可既往不咎
  • 332.2005-06-14:满街皆罪人?
  • 333.2005-06-15:美国是盗版祖师爷
  • 334.2005-06-16:军购蒙汗药
  • 335.2005-06-17:真理不属于美国佬
  • 336.2005-06-20:我们不欢迎两面派
  • 337.2005-06-21:台湾“深喉”爆料记
  • 338.2005-06-22:美国人的大腿
  • 339.2005-06-23:可爱的信仰
  • 340.2005-06-24:爱凯撒,更爱罗马
  • 341.2005-06-27:好记性不如烂笔头
  • 342.2005-06-28:大人物对撞记
  • 343.2005-06-29:胡适也疯狂
  • 344.2005-06-30:美女变枯骨
  • 345.2005-07-01:台湾政府软脚虾
  • 346.2005-07-04:慰安妇血与泪
  • 347.2005-07-05:言论自由,开骂无害
  • 348.2005-07-06:偏安一隅,祸国殃民
  • 349.2005-07-07:言论自由的代价
  • 350.2005-07-08:做人当如斗战胜佛
  • 351.2005-07-11:蒋氏洗脑大法
  • 352.2005-07-12:看客变脸术
  • 353.2005-07-13:人生下场各不同
  • 354.2005-07-14:独处的乐趣
  • 355.2005-07-15:假民主的样板
  • 356.2005-07-18:为何坏人得志
  • 357.2005-07-19:不屈的斗牛士
  • 358.2005-07-20:人需要点信仰
  • 359.2005-07-21:我为何偏袒共产党
  • 360.2005-07-22:说风凉话没出息
  • 361.2005-07-25:弱者暗算有理
  • 362.2005-07-26:“恐怖”之伟大
  • 363.2005-07-27:不抓老鼠的好猫
  • 364.2005-07-28:有教养与没是非
  • 365.2005-07-29:民主服从脸蛋
  • 366.2005-08-01:哭泣的狮子
  • 367.2005-08-02:软骨头政客
  • 368.2005-08-03:另眼看台湾
  • 369.2005-08-04:鲁迅不是神
  • 370.2005-08-05:被高估的大师
  • 371.2005-08-08:谁的骨头更硬
  • 372.2005-08-09:随遇而偷
  • 373.2005-08-10:常识不等于真理
  • 374.2005-08-11:名画之谜
  • 375.2005-08-12:我的资料会说话
  • 376.2005-08-15:大话国宝
  • 377.2005-08-16:毛笔字中品人格
  • 378.2005-08-17:政府之基本责任
  • 379.2005-08-18:冒牌国民党
  • 380.2005-08-19:连马不可靠
  • 381.2005-08-22:台湾奇人录
  • 382.2005-08-23:一人分饰二角
  • 383.2005-08-24:鸡飞狗跳,将降帅跑
  • 384.2005-08-25:历史幕后有乾坤
  • 385.2005-08-26:鲁迅是这样炼成的
  • 386.2005-08-29:手大嘴大骗四方
  • 387.2005-08-30:脏话惹谁了
  • 388.2005-08-31:言论挡不住
  • 389.2005-09-01:告你没商量
  • 390.2005-09-02:文物有灵
  • 391.2005-09-05:蔡氏父女悲情录
  • 392.2005-09-06:丢人的胜利者
  • 393.2005-09-07:瞎眼的岂止国民党
  • 394.2005-09-08:想进步,就别学鲁迅
  • 395.2005-09-09:近鲁迅者文不通
  • 396.2005-09-12:不容青史尽成灰
  • 397.2005-09-13:共产主义的道德
  • 398.2005-09-14:当主义遭遇美女
  • 399.2005-09-15:没落的理想
  • 400.2005-09-16:打假《满江红》
  • 401.2005-09-19:卿本佳人,奈何从贼
  • 402.2005-09-20:究竟谁品行不端
  • 403.2005-09-21:抗战真相
  • 404.2005-09-22:百无一用是儒将
  • 405.2005-09-23:我李敖的定位
  • 406.2005-09-26:真相多刺耳
  • 407.2005-09-27:我是好的文学家
  • 408.2005-09-28:坐牢的哲学
  • 409.2005-09-29:蒋介石的逻辑
  • 410.2005-09-30:解读《红色十一》
  • 411.2005-10-03:小偷的人生观
  • 412.2005-10-04:我们的思想常是古代的
  • 413.2005-10-05:《死刑犯的悲哀》
  • 414.2005-10-06:《红色十一》的真相
  • 415.2005-10-07:我不是朋友,是自己人
  • 416.2005-10-10:我的大手笔
  • 417.2005-10-11:迂回前进是本领
  • 418.2005-10-12:一个好的开始
  • 419.2005-10-13:题字的学问
  • 420.2005-10-14:小的疙瘩搁在一边
  • 421.2005-10-17:小女生的言论自由
  • 422.2005-10-18:暮四朝三的困惑
  • 423.2005-10-19:虽非我有亦可喜
  • 424.2005-10-20:论中国共产党的功劳
  • 425.2005-10-21:玩笑李敖的后果
  • 426.2005-10-24:台湾人要学习拿破仑
  • 427.2005-10-25:听其言还要观其行
  • 428.2005-10-26:漂亮形象的后面
  • 429.2005-10-27:真正的伟大的知识份子
  • 430.2005-10-28:孬种变英雄靠训练
  • 431.2005-10-31:七十年轮回一场空
  • 432.2005-11-01:动手动脚找证据
  • 433.2005-11-02:红颜为何爱自毁
  • 434.2005-11-03:什么是最好的武器
  • 435.2005-11-04:美国救台湾的方法
  • 436.2005-11-07:你不是你
  • 437.2005-11-08:揭露政治的弄真成假
  • 438.2005-11-09:怎样逼别人就范
  • 439.2005-11-10:质问的典范
  • 440.2005-11-11:第一场办报的战争
  • 441.2005-11-14:落实言论自由
  • 442.2005-11-15:五花八门的争取言论自由
  • 443.2005-11-16:没有趣味不算言论自由
  • 444.2005-11-17:“台湾语”早晚被淘汰
  • 445.2005-11-18:抗议的美学
  • 446.2005-11-21:狠话说尽,马屁拍足
  • 447.2005-11-22:名流很少是好人
  • 448.2005-11-23:李敖的真性情
  • 449.2005-11-24:坏人偶尔也做好事
  • 450.2005-11-25:小人心理的形成
  • 451.2005-11-28:大人格与小人格
  • 452.2005-11-29:别时容易
  • 453.2005-11-30:自由主义来换取宪法的落实
  • 454.2005-12-01:主义统统靠边站
  • 455.2005-12-02:自由主义是个点缀
  • 456.2005-12-05:真的自由主义者莫做
  • 457.2005-12-06:民主的花招
  • 458.2005-12-07:台湾选举之怪现象
  • 459.2005-12-08:台湾选举统统是狗屁
  • 460.2005-12-09:了不起的自杀者
  • 461.2005-12-12:小事衡量思想更有趣
  • 462.2005-12-13:只要有理想就能可圈可点
  • 463.2005-12-14:印第安人拯救了亚洲
  • 464.2005-12-15:了解真相要有聪明头脑
  • 465.2005-12-16:想象力比姿势重要
  • 466.2005-12-19:鹰的高度
  • 467.2005-12-20:自我吹捧是真性情
  • 468.2005-12-21:英雄人物的心境
  • 469.2005-12-22:吹牛之外的本事
  • 470.2005-12-23:追求真理向李敖看齐
  • 471.2005-12-26:真真假假的故事
  • 472.2005-12-27:快意恩仇的境界
  • 473.2005-12-28:美国所谓的严重关切
  • 474.2005-12-29:台湾政党的无能和可恶
  • 475.2005-12-30:李敖代表智慧
  • 476.2006-01-02:性玩具无伤风化
  • 477.2006-01-03:性福亦可量身定做
  • 478.2006-01-04:李敖特色语录
  • 479.2006-01-05:理性军购的解释
  • 480.2006-01-06:卡住军购问题的关键
  • 481.2006-01-09:李敖就军购案说帖
  • 482.2006-01-10:只要买就是凯子
  • 483.2006-01-11:用《台湾关系法》告美国总统
  • 484.2006-01-12:用三轮车追汽车
  • 485.2006-01-13:李敖打抱不平的形象
  • 486.2006-01-16:两千年参选时的趣事
  • 487.2006-01-17:两个坏蛋中比较不臭的
  • 488.2006-01-18:身为反抗斗士
  • 489.2006-01-19:大卸八块的读书方法
  • 490.2006-01-20:温故知新没效率
  • 491.2006-01-23:会意读书
  • 492.2006-01-24:怒撕提高国防预算报告
  • 493.2006-01-25:增加军方预算缺失剖析
  • 494.2006-01-26:好的读书方法
  • 495.2006-01-27:人生态度
  • 496.2006-01-30:谈与儿子李戡的互动
  • 497.2006-01-31:谈老婆与妈妈的故事
  • 498.2006-02-01:聊与妈妈间的趣事
  • 499.2006-02-02:家庭事非当事人不知其苦
  • 500.2006-02-03:有趣的老太太
  • 501.2006-02-06:对待死亡的态度
  • 502.2006-02-07:读书方法
  • 503.2006-02-08:好记性不如烂笔头
  • 504.2006-02-09:谈小女儿
  • 505.2006-02-10:被监视经历
  • 506.2006-02-13:坐牢的不同
  • 507.2006-02-14:以其人之道还治其人之身
  • 508.2006-02-15:争取解释权
  • 509.2006-02-16:告美国总统
  • 510.2006-02-17:参选市长
  • 511.2006-02-20:市长竞选
  • 512.2006-02-21:台湾的政治选举
  • 513.2006-02-22:陈水扁的“四不一没有”
  • 514.2006-02-23:谈蒋介石卖国过往
  • 515.2006-02-24:谈外蒙古独立
  • 516.2006-02-27:从马英九演说说起
  • 517.2006-02-28:此国民党非彼国民党
  • 518.2006-03-01:谈“美男破老 美女破舌”
  • 519.2006-03-02:看蒋介石和蒋经国全集的感想
  • 520.2006-03-03:北京大学的个人自由主义
  • 521.2006-03-06:为什么要吃“狗屎”
  • 522.2006-03-07:台湾2.28事件
  • 523.2006-03-08:二二八需要马英九平反吗?
  • 524.2006-03-09:谈台湾2.28事件真相
  • 525.2006-03-10:把乾隆皇帝写的跋还回故宫
  • 526.2006-03-13:剖析台湾二·二八真相
  • 527.2006-03-14:台湾二.二八事件
  • 528.2006-03-15:为什么批评马英九
  • 529.2006-03-16:让我们无奈的马英九
  • 530.2006-03-17:评判马英九
  • 531.2006-03-20:国家统一纲领
  • 532.2006-03-21:阿扁的谎言
  • 533.2006-03-22:自己咬死自己
  • 534.2006-03-23:“台独”不是玩真的
  • 535.2006-03-24:陈水扁的“四不一没有”
  • 536.2006-03-27:陈水扁在演双簧
  • 537.2006-03-28:告美国总统布什
  • 538.2006-03-29:民进党的失败并不是国民党的胜利
  • 539.2006-03-30:我们要当心马英九
  • 540.2006-03-31:真金不怕火炼,真银也不怕火炼
  • 541.2006-04-03:拍马屁的知识分子
  • 542.2006-04-04:民进党的失败也不是国民党的胜利
  • 543.2006-04-05:解释“新加坡人的笨”
  • 544.2006-04-06:控告小布什,求是非公理
  • 545.2006-04-07:防止被“好人”欺骗
  • 546.2006-04-10:批评马英九,自认需勇气
  • 547.2006-04-11:马之美国行,常说双面话
  • 548.2006-04-12:复杂的马英九
  • 549.2006-04-13:马做坏示范总是被原谅
  • 550.2006-04-14:马英九路线,李敖批荒唐
  • 551.2006-04-17:善恶报应
  • 552.2006-04-18:语妙天下
  • 553.2006-04-19:我的另一面
  • 554.2006-04-20:中国传统美德
  • 555.2006-04-21:绝对的法治国家
  • 556.2006-04-24:解释新加坡人的笨
  • 557.2006-04-25:新加坡的世界性眼光
  • 558.2006-04-26:从古到今的交通工具
  • 559.2006-04-27:我佩服本拉登
  • 560.2006-04-28:不能向美国买武器
  • 561.2006-05-01:剖析自己爱独处的原因
  • 562.2006-05-02:珍惜生活的细节
  • 563.2006-05-03:台湾军构的主谋
  • 564.2006-05-04:政治正确与历史正确
  • 565.2006-05-05:发奋少食乐以不忧
  • 566.2006-05-08:台湾无处不中国
  • 567.2006-05-09:苏州名妓赛金花
  • 568.2006-05-10:女人到底要什么
  • 569.2006-05-11:李光耀谈新加坡人
  • 570.2006-05-12:介绍不同版本圣经
  • 571.2006-05-15:不同版本圣经比较
  • 572.2006-05-16:拒绝礼物的方法
  • 573.2006-05-17:台湾外交
  • 574.2006-05-18:谈陈水扁外交
  • 575.2006-05-19:出类拔萃的重要
  • 576.2006-05-22:倚老卖老是幸福的
  • 577.2006-05-23:倚老卖老的味道
  • 578.2006-05-24:话说谭延恺
  • 579.2006-05-25:谈几个感谢
  • 580.2006-05-26:不出户知天下
  • 581.2006-05-29:谈孤独的愉悦
  • 582.2006-05-30:发掘真相的本领
  • 583.2006-05-31:国民党里的好人
  • 584.2006-06-01:关于钱
  • 585.2006-06-02:节俭办丧事
  • 586.2006-06-05:比较的乐趣
  • 587.2006-06-06:新加坡的民主
  • 588.2006-06-07:中华民国在借尸还魂
  • 589.2006-06-08:要了解语言的真正意思
  • 590.2006-06-09:代议政治
  • 591.2006-06-12:谈暴君放伐论
  • 592.2006-06-13:论中央日报的倒闭
  • 593.2006-06-14:好的思考力
  • 594.2006-06-15:谈国民党将领刘峙和他的孙女刘洁
  • 595.2006-06-16:台湾假民主的结构问题
  • 596.2006-06-19:好中文和烂中文
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  • 598.2006-06-21:澎湖刺刀从军的冤狱案
  • 599.2006-06-22:上帝管两头我管中间
  • 600.2006-06-23:反对掌权者的民主手段—弹劾
  • 601.2006-06-26:马英九等天下作法不当
  • 602.2006-06-27:台湾不过是个例子
  • 603.2006-06-28:中国字
  • 604.2006-06-29:汉字的雅和俗
  • 605.2006-06-30:人的智能
  • 606.2006-07-03:美国总统罗斯福
  • 607.2006-07-04:自由的意义
  • 608.2006-07-05:我没有歧视女人
  • 609.2006-07-06:看过程比结果更过瘾
  • 610.2006-07-07:要清白请长寿
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  • 612.2006-07-11:我的傲慢和偏见
  • 613.2006-07-12:展示英国毁谤法
  • 614.2006-07-13:要了解国民党
  • 615.2006-07-14:参观国民党党史馆
  • 616.2006-07-17:孙中山创办的兴中会
  • 617.2006-07-18:珍贵脚镣和孙中山的牙齿
  • 618.2006-07-19:中国共产党的重要文件
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  • 620.2006-07-21:黄花岗七十二烈士
  • 621.2006-07-24:中国古典里的一些观念
  • 622.2006-07-25:现代化科技可以影响视野
  • 623.2006-07-26:谈金陵续梦
  • 624.2006-07-27:谈富兰克林
  • 625.2006-07-28:现代科技让很多东西现形
  • 626.2006-07-31:不怕死的英雄好汉
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  • 635.2006-08-11:The buck stops here
  • 636.2006-08-14:分享书中的人生哲学
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  • 641.2006-08-21:谈《 周恩来选集》
  • 642.2006-08-22:近代史的真相
  • 643.2006-08-23:孙中山没有继承中国的道统
  • 644.2006-08-24:谈毛泽东的《蝶恋花·答李淑一 》
  • 645.2006-08-25:民国时期报界枭雄龚德柏
  • 646.2006-08-28:大艺术家的自由
  • 647.2006-08-29:人生分合很自然,该分不分会造成很多悲剧
  • 648.2006-08-30:中国革命者和卡斯特罗的比较
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  • 674.2006-10-05:“中华民国”的假历史
  • 675.2006-10-06:国家的命运决定个人的命运
  • 676.2006-10-09:前妻是最恐怖的动物(上)
  • 677.2006-10-10:前妻是最恐怖的动物(下)
  • 678.2006-10-11:我的前妻不是国民党?
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  • 681.2006-10-16:我用证据来回应前妻
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  • 691.2006-10-30:林语堂不是一个好的文学家
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  • 696.2006-11-06:钱穆故居前发表荒谬言论
  • 697.2006-11-07:这个时代我们不再有机会成为钱穆
  • 698.2006-11-08:钱穆的抱残守缺错误
  • 699.2006-11-09:给钱穆盖棺定论
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  • 701.2006-11-13:参访淡水红毛城(二)
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  • 705.2006-11-17:看我打赢这场选战给你们看
  • 706.2006-11-20:促进两岸谈判、中国统一
  • 707.2006-11-21:蓝中带绿、白里透红就是我
  • 708.2006-11-22:现代人反抗坏中央政府的作法
  • 709.2006-11-23:美国制造海峡两岸的仇恨
  • 710.2006-11-24:把美国的地下大使驱逐出境
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  • 713.2006-11-29:陈水扁、马英九通通是卖国货
  • 714.2006-11-30:电影明星的职业性格
  • 715.2006-12-01:在谈判桌上促进中国的统一
  • 716.2006-12-04:我怎样出你们这些狗官的洋相
  • 717.2006-12-05:把我的功劳报告给大家听
  • 718.2006-12-06:不要轻易了相信连战一家人
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  • 720.2006-12-08:人间怎么会有这种人
  • 721.2006-12-11:让人看不起的“生殖器所串连的集团”
  • 722.2006-12-12:知其不可而为之
  • 723.2006-12-13:道德标准和滑头我全有
  • 724.2006-12-14:台湾会继续的沉沦下去
  • 725.2006-12-15:说说我不再做节目的理由
  • 726.2006-12-18:解开海峡两岸的窍门
  • 727.2006-12-19:我的六点真相
  • 728.2006-12-20:说台湾人是笨蛋的十个标准
  • 729.2006-12-21:看书的的窍门
  • 730.2006-12-22:人间的一些奇怪因缘
  • 731.2006-12-25:人间的变化有这么大
  • 732.2006-12-26:先有新视野才会有新观念
  • 733.2006-12-27:原来一切都是美国问题
  • 734.2006-12-28:我的另外一个境界
  • 735.2006-12-29:节目告一段落的原因



On Windows Vista, when you copy Mac files on a local network to your local disk, and if the Mac folder name ends in a space, then Windows will complain that it cannot locate the folder. See also: Perl Scripts For Mac/Windows File Moving.


rsync's support for unicode is pissing me off. At least the version of rync i'm using on cygwin for transferring files between Windows and Mac. For detail, see: Mac and Windows File Conversion.


Gaming news. “News” in the sense of my own discovery. Quake Live, Combat Arms, Eve online.

Quake Live is based on Quake III Arena. Quake 3 was released in 1999, which i played a demo. Quake Live just brings it into the web browser, and free. When you play, you'll see what 3D gaming tech is like in 1999.

I remember, back in 1999, it is a great fantastic 3D graphics advancement, with lots brouhaha. Playing now, the graphics feels so extremely lousy.


Crooked House, a model in Second Life of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein's concept. This is built by my friend Henry Segerman (segerman.org). The cat in the vid is my avatar “Xah Toll” in second life. For external view of the crooked house, and other vids by Henry, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOEFvCZJM4s.

Microsoft IntelliType Hacks

Perm url with updates: http://xahlee.org/emacs/ms_keyboard/intellitype_hacks.html

Microsoft IntelliType Hacks

Xah Lee, 2009-11-08, 2009-12-05, 2010-01-28

Microsoft IntelliType is a keyboard software that comes with Microsoft keyboards, and works only with Microsoft keyboards. This page is some info on some of the tech detail on how the software works, for those tech geeks who like to customize their keyboards extensively.

As far as i know, there's no public documentation about how intellitype works. So, this writing is somewhat a reverse engineering documentation.

You may first read about Problems of Microsoft IntelliType, to become familiar with what can and cannot be done with IntelliType's interface, or the limit of IntelliType hacking described in this doc can achieve.

Note: This writing is not comprehensive. Its just some notes of my findings. To understand this document fully, you should have at least 1 hour experience in playing or setting up keys using intelliType. For example, you should know how to use IntelliType to remap keys. You should also be familiar with the basics of Windows Registry and XML file.

The tech info in this article should apply to all other Microsoft keyboards, but this article is particularly for using Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with Microsoft Windows Vista. The IntelliType Pro driver version is “”.


Microsoft IntelliType Pro for Windows.


IntelliType is free. It can be downloaded at Microsoft website at microsoft.com. However, it works only with Microsoft keyboards.

The software can be launched under Control Panel, Keyboard.

The full name of the software is IntelliType Pro, but we'll just call it IntelliType.

IntelliType Registry

IntelliType commands.xml

IntelliType Processes

The IntelliType processes are “itype.exe” and “dpupdchk.exe”, both located under “C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\”.

The “itype.exe” is the core software. If this process is not running, then some special keys on your keyboard will not work. For example, the Zoom slider won't work, the My Favorites buttons won't work, the volumn increase/decrease or the Mute button won't display visual feedback (if you have turned on visual feedback). However, some of common special keys will still work. For example, the Web/Home button, Search button, Mail button, Calculator button, all still work but their actions will be system default, not whatever you have defined with IntelliType.

The “dpupdchk.exe” is a software update checker. It will be running only if you have turned on automatic software update check. (i don't remember where this setting is turned on. I think it was during the installation of IntelliType.)

It is safe to restart these processes.

To stop the process, you can use the Windows Task Manager, or Process Explorer.

To start them, you can simply go to control panel and launch Keyboard.

IntelliType Macros

Common Questions

Other Sites

Some people have blogged about IntelliType. Thanks to them, in particular Joel Bennett, which made my research easier.

  • Hacking the Natural 4000 keyboard (2007-12-18) by Joel ‘Jaykul’ Bennett. Source Some documentation of the registry keys and the “commands.xml” structure.
  • Do you have a Microsoft Keyboard with a ‘Zoom Complex?’ (2009-02-07), by Peter Henry Source About changing the Zoom slider to scroll.
  • Hacking the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, redux (2006-11-29) , by Olivier Dagenais. Source About how to make the Zoom slider function as scroll knob. .
  • Change Zoom to Scoll (Mouse | ms ergonomic keyboard 4000) (2005-2009). AutoHotKey forum discussion. Source About changing the Zoom slider and other info.
ms n4000 keyboard sawed off

This guy, Ryan (aka hihihihihi), actually saw'd off the number pad portion of the keyboard. Now, that's a hack! Source

problems of Microsoft IntelliType

perm url with updates: http://xahlee.org/emacs/ms_keyboard/intellitype.html.

Problems of Microsoft IntelliType

Xah Lee, 2007-10, 2009-11-04

IntelliType is the software that is bundled with Microsoft's keyboards. The software allows you to assign functionality to various special keys and function keys on the keyboard. For example, you can set a key to launch or switch application, open a particular file, or press some keyboard combination instead. It also allows you to set up some other keyboarding related preference, for example, you can switch the functionality of Caps Lock key and Ctrl. You can also make the Windows key act as Mac's Option key and the Alt key as Mac's Cmd key, for Mac users.

Of my over a decade experience of using keyboard and keymapping software (including: QuicKeys (~1992-~2001), ResEdit keymap rsrc (~1993), xmodmap (~1999), KeyboardMaestro (~2003), DefaultKeyBinding.dict (~2005), Quicksilver (~2007) ...), i think IntelliType is one of the top quality software. However, no software is perfect and in the following i list some flaws i find. This list is mostly just a personal record. It is useful if you are also a key macro nerd.

Problems of IntelliType for Windows


Here are some criticisms of IntelliType for Windows.


Microsoft IntelliType Pro for Windows. (driver version

Not All Keys Can Be Customized

The software does not let you customize all keys. Only a small set of keys. For example, there's the Insert key, and the ScrLk key, and the “Pause/Break” key. These keys are almost never used. It would be great if you can use IntelliType to customize them to do something else, such as closing the current tab, current window, or minimize it. But no, you can't with IntelliType.

The keys that can be customized are:

  • The special key buttons: “Web/Home”, Search, Mail, the 5 My Favorites app keys, Multimedia keys (Mute, Volume - +, play/pause), Calculator.
  • Function keys (only when F Lock is off)
  • Some modifier keys, such as Cap Lock, Menu key, the “★ Show Favorites” cannot be customized except disabled.

Also, some of these buttons or keys cannot be fully customized. For example, the “My Favorites” buttons can only be set to launch programs.

The function keys cannot be customized. They can, only if you have the F-lock off. This is a pain, because if you want to have customized F keys, you need to leave the F-lock off, and you need to remap all the F-lock off state of all function keys, so that for those F key which you do not want customization, they should send the F key signal itself.

If you alway have the F-lock off, then the purpose of F-lock system itself becomes useless. If you do want the benefit of F-lock to toggle state, then you constantly need to keep watch of the state of F-lock, often with frustration because you pressed a F key but it didn't do what you expected because F-lock is not in the right state.

The problem here is primarily of the F-lock concept itself. (for detail, see: The F-Lock Key Problem)

The modefier keys, such as Ctrl, Win, Alt, Menu, Cap Lock, Num Lock, cannot be customized, except some very basic ones such as disable the key.

It would be nice to be able to customize any key. For example, the Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down block of keys. Especially for gaming (e.g. Second Life), or apps that involves lots of commands such as 3D modeling software (e.g. 3S Max, Autodesk Maya) and emacs.

For example, in Second Life, i'd like to customize the number keys on the number pad, so that when i press them, they do special things. Also, this is such a nice keyboard with many special buttons, it would be fantastic if they can all be customized. It Second Life, by default the WASD are for movement. However, since i'm using a dvorak keyboard layout, i'd like to have for example “,aoe” keys instead. Second Life viewer does not let you customize these. But, IntelliType should, but can't.

Problem With Macro Function

IntelliType provides a keyboard Macro ability. That means, it lets you program a key, such that, when pressed, it is equivalent of pressing one or more sequence of key press combinations. For example, I can program F12, so that, when pressed, it is equivalent of pressing “Alt+Tab” for switching to the next window, and i can have F11 as “Alt+Shift+Tab” for switching to the previous window. For another example, in Second Life, “Ctrl+Shift+r” does a toggle wireframe mode. I can use IntelliType to program F11, so that it functions as pressing “Ctrl+Shift+r”.

The interface for programing key macros in IntelliType has no documention. After playing with it a little, you can learn how to use it, but still, some simple macro seems difficult or impossible unless you are a programer who knows computer software well and is willing to spend hours digging into how the software works. For example, let's say you want F12 to be “Alt+Tab” for switching to the next window, and F11 to be “Alt+Shift+Tab” for switching to the previous window. Try it. You'll find that it is impossible. You'll find that after perhaps some 30 minutes trying to do that, your key may still not do what you want, or switches to the next 2nd application. (for how to actually do this macro, see: Microsoft IntelliType Hacks)

(Note: IntelliType does have a default command called “Next Window” and “Previous Window”, but the command will also hide the current window after you switch. This is probably not what most people want, because often you work in 2 applications and you want them both to be visible. For example, let's say you work as a graphics artist in Photoshop. You got a email from colleague for a particular project. You have both your email app and image app launched. Your current window is the email window, and press a key to switch to the next app that is Photoshop. After you switched into Photoshop, you still want your email window visible.)

Windows Cannot Be Resized

The window cannot be resized. Whenever a application that has windows main interface and cannot be re-sized, it is a pain in the ass. User cannot see the whole content in a glance, and has to carefully scroll the content. Mouse wheel can scroll, but usually difficult to control here because the window is small. User can easily went over. Some apps, has long lines in the content, so user have to scroll left/right or each particular line she wants to view. The need to scroll left/right is more painful because there's no easy mouse wheel to do it, and fancy mouse that provide side moving by the wheel is too slow.

Problems of IntelliType for the Mac


This report is regarding the Mac version of “Microsoft IntelliType Pro, Version 5.4 (v.105)”. The keyboard i'm using is Microsoft Wireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard.

IntelliType Mac

Microsoft IntelliType Pro for Mac.

• Once a function key is assigned to launch a application, any key-combination press involving a modifier and the function key will just launch the application as if no modifier key is pressed. For example, if i set F1 to launch web browser, then pressing any of shift+F1, Alt+F1, Ctrl+F1 all will just launch web browser. If the function key launch is setup with F-Lock up, same problem happens. In other words, IntelliType renders modifier+functionKey combination useless.

This is bad news for me because i use function keys extensively to launch applications and each modifier+function variation launches different applications of the same type. For example, i do a lot literature research so i have several dictionaries on my computer. F1 is set to launch American Heritage Dict, and i'd like Shift+F1 to launch Apple's bundled Oxford American Dict, and Ctrl+F1 to launch the web-based OmniDictionary, and Cmd+F1 to launch a web browser based Merriem-Webster. Other function keys are similarly occupied. (see also: A Review of 3 Dictionaries)

With the IntelliType problem of consuming a whole function key, my work-around is to not use IntelliType to define any function keys. Instead, use other keymapping software to do the launching. (currently am using Quicksilver for this.)