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Emacs manual problem

Perm url with updates: of Emacs's ManualXah Lee, 2008-05The emacs documentation is quite outdated. It is written with 1980's mindset, with some one thousand pages in a verbose way. Perhaps half of bulk are not necessary and can be edited out as improvement.Although its technical writing is impeccable and one of the best in tech industry, but because it's written in the 1980's or early 1990 computer era context, few people reads it today, except a few hardcore emacs fan.The idea of the problem of emacs documentation i have for several years, but like many things, it will take perhaps a day to write out a cogent essay, with full detail and references and examples to backup the claim in a way at least the emacs hardcore users will find it worth a thought. However, here's a some outline of the emacs doc problems.The document is written is a verbose manner. For example, it starts with tens (or hundreds) of pages …