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trackball mouse reviews

Perm url with updates: Trackball MouseXah Lee, 2009-12-24, 2010-08-06, 2010-11-20In the past few months, i spent many days reviewing the design and functionality of input devices. See:Review Of Gaming MousesMathematical Models of 3D Inputs ControlA Review of The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.I've always been fascinated by trackballs. I think they are a more natural device than mouse. However, i've never owned and used a trackball. But have always been thinking of buying one. Every year or 2, i would spend days reading reviews of them, fuzzing about their design, ergonomics. About every 3 months in the past 20 years, i'd spend some 20 minutes in stores playing with them. Today i did again.The Microsoft Trackball ExplorerThe best trackball ever, ever, is the The Microsoft Trackball Explorer.“Microsoft Trackball Explorer”. amazon The best trackball ever. Large ball. Heavish. Spins! In a trackball device, the …

gaming mouses

Perm url with updates: Of Microsoft SideWinder Gaming MousesXah Lee, 2009-12-18, 2010-11-19Spend few hours looking at gaming mouse today. Here are some thoughts.Even if you are not a gamer, a gaming mouse provides multiple reprogramable buttons and that is a productivity gain. Generally speaking, it has more advanced technology than a non-gaming mouse.Gaming mouse from Microsoft:“Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse”. amazon“Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse”. amazon“Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse”. amazon“Microsoft SideWinder X3 Mouse”. amazon“Microsoft Sidewinder X8 mouse” . Wireless. amazon “Microsoft Sidewinder X8 mouse”, and a recharger with magnetic connector. All these mouses have 1 scroll wheel, 3 instant-change-dpi buttons, and at least 5 programable buttons. But the X8 has 7 programable buttons, counting the left/right nudge of the scroll wheel.The X8 is wireless, all the others are wired. The wireless of X8 is actually quite ad…