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Starting another blog, Xah's Sex Blog. All human sexuality, porn, or anything sex related subjects will be blogged there. In the early 2000s, blogs are just personal blogs without much subject focus. In the late 2000s, blogs as a info distribution method tends to be to be subject oriented, because people are likely to subscribe a blog if it has a focused subject of their interest. I'm starting my sex blog and Xah's Emacs Blog, Xah's Second Life Blog this year. That way, it's more focused for readers, but it is also easier to manage and sort what i've written, and i actually tends to write more spontaneous random notes, with less worry of providing the context and background of what i'm writing.

I might want to also start a English Writing or Literature blog, and or a Visual Arts blog, and maybe a math blog and a programing & programing culture blog, since i have written a lot of these subjects in the past 5 years. But we'll see.

PS am also starting: Xah's Programing Blog.


Created a blog for emacs: Xah's Emacs Blog (computing). If you are a emacs user, then subscribe to that blog, because i probably will not repeat blog entries here.

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