District 9 Movie Review

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District 9


Watched movie District 9. Fantastic. Much better than Avatar. Both movies are science fiction. Both involve aliens. Both have mechs. Both involves human animals as a group needing to deal and interact with alien animal. However, the Avatar is the most stereotypical Hollywood brainlessness. No intelligence, no artistry, no content, but plenty of big expensive explosions. The District 9, is just the opposite in every way. The aliens there are quite novel, and i really loved them. They have distinct, idiosyncratic, character. The mecha is also quite interesting, far more so than the one in Avatar. The alien mecha, somehow is integrated biologically with the aliens, and would puke, and when it being shot, hurts the alien inside too. Quite novel and fun to watch. The effect is so well done. The overall movie content, makes you think, about deep ugly human nature, african history, history of race treatment. The only negative part about District 9, i would say, is that the beginning 30 min is quite boring.

I'd give this movie a 9.

District 9 Official Trailer 2

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