Death of Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems is dead. I'm so glad. I hate Sun very much. Them with their aggressive marketing lies and jargons with java. They are the most abusive of marketing jargons of any tech company. Keeps creaing spurious, useless, jargons just for the purposes of marketing. Abusing the term API, Interface. Calling their OS as “Platform”, and there's JDK, JSDK, J2EE, J2SE, Tiger, version numbering abuse 1.x to 1.2 == Java 2 now 1.3, JavaOne, JFC, Jini, JavaBeans, entity Beans, Awk, Swing. And before my time, from SunOS to Solaris. Lies about open standards. In the first 5 or more years of java, where Java sky rocketed their sells of their Solaris OS and server hardware, but keept creating obstacles on a quality java on Linux, during the dot com days (~1997-2001) where Linux is also raging is its main threat. (we can safely say that Linux + Cheap PC won now.) And finally in their brink of commercial death, Sun Microsystems pulls the trick of saintly open sourcing Java like Netscape did.

See: On Microsoft Hatred, Jargons of Info Tech Industry.

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