Joey Dyser, 100 years

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Joey Dyser, 100 years

Xah Lee, 2010-03-27

A beautiful song. The song name is “100 years”, the singer is Joey Dyser. I don't know who she is though. Wikipedia doesn't have a entry of her. The song seems to be around 1975.

The other day I felt so young
but now you made me 100 years
If you turn 'round, look what you've done
you'll see my eyes, you'll see my tears

My friends all say: don't cry too long
there is another love to come
They may be right, they may be wrong
But still I love you hear my song

You disappeared without goodbye
knowin' so well, you made me cry
but troubles you could never face
so you just left an empty place

The first kiss made a fool of me
it struck me but I couldn't see
For you this love was just the same
I'm asking now, am I to blame?

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