Styling <table> tag with CSS

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Styling <table> tag with CSS

Xah Lee, 2010-03-15

This page shows you how to style the html “<table>” tag with CSS.

Styling a html table with css is pretty easy. Here's a example of a table:


Here's the source code:

<table class="xyz">

In the above table, we give it a class name “xyz”, so we can use CSS to pretty up all tables of this class.

Here's the CSS: {border:solid 1px black; border-collapse:collapse; margin:.5ex} th, td {border:solid 1px gray; padding:.5ex}

The “border:solid 1px black” means give the border a solid line style, with 1 pixel width, and black color.

The “border-collapse:collapse” means draw a single line between neighbor cells. The alternative is “border-collapse:separate”. Here's how it would look:


The “1ex” is a CSS unit, “ex” means the height of the letter “x”.

Margin vs Padding

The “margin” and “padding” both gives the area a little room.

css padding vs margin

Padder is the inner area, margin is the outer area, border is between them.

CSS Styling vs Old HTML Table Tags

Here's a comparison showing old html table's formatting attributes and the CSS equivalent.

Old HTML AttributesCSS

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