Web Tech Stats 2010

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Web Tech Stats 2010

Xah Lee, 2010-03-31

This page reports the popularity of web technologies used today. For example, the popularity distribution of different content management system, javascript libraries, web dev language/frameworks, javascript libraries, visitor tracking packages, etc.


71% of sites are detected with a known language/framework/technology. Among them, here's a rough breakdown.

Framework stat


51% has javascript. Here's the distribution of known js packages.

JavaScript stat

Visitor Tracking

72% sites has some sort of visitor tracking tech.

analytics stat

Ad Services

57% of sites have ads.

ads stat


3% has blogs.

blog stat

Content Management System

4% uses CMS.

CMS stat


2% sites has ecommerce.

Ecommerce stat


22% has feeds.

Feeds stat


4% sites has media.

Media stat

Content Delivery Network

16% uses CDN. It is used for example to auto find the nearest server to distribute video.

CDN stat


30% sites has widgets.

Widget stat


60% uses utf-8. 40% uses iso-8859.

70% declared a encoding.


Info of this page is from trends.builtwith.com. Another useful site is backendbattles.com

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