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Learned of the Chinese mathematician Fan Chung (金芳蓉). Wife of Ronald Graham. Remember, Ronald is the mathematician who co-authored with Knuth the book Concrete Mathematics (amazon).

In recent years, i learned quite a lot high powered mathematicians who are Chinese. Here's some list of Chinese mathematicians:

Wikipedia actually has a list: Category:Chinese mathematicians.

Chuu-Lian Terng is wife of Richard Palais. Richard i first met online in 1997, and them both in person in 2004, and has been personal friends since.

Here's some mathematicians that i admire. Typically, it more has to do with their subjects. Geometry, discrete math, combinatorics.

Stephen i met in 1995.

There are quite a few more but off-hand these comes to mind.

There are so many mathematicians today, that one hardly know much of them. Is there a list that lists the top one thousand mathematicians?

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