Disable Ctrl+Alt+S of HP Support Information

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Disable Ctrl+Alt+S of HP Support Information

Xah Lee, 2010-05-18

Am pissed yesterday to have to spend a hour to be able to disable a global shortcut key in Windows, caused by a pre-installed software from HP.

If you bought your PC from HP/Compaq, then when you press “Ctrl+Alt+s”, it'll pop up the HP Support Information window.

hp support info window

HP Support Information window.

This is a pain in the ass, because Ctrl+Alt+s is used in Second Life Emerald Viewer virtual world software, and the 3D modeler Blender, and Emacs, all i use daily. All these 3 are major software, with extensive keyboard shortcuts.

So, how do you disable it?

Disable the Hotkey for HP Support Information

Open your Start menu, and look for the folder named “PC Help & Tools”, right click the “HP support information”, then chose Properties.

hp support info pc help n tools

The HP support info software in Start menu.

Click on the Shortcut tab, then the Shortcut key field, then just delete it there.

hp support information properties

the Properties window.

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