Second Life Militaries List

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Second Life Militaries List

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Xah Lee, 2010-05-10

This page lists Second Life military/combat role playing communities. For some video, see: Second Life Military Videos. For some screenshots, see: Furry Soldiers.

If you are interested in sl combat, just visit one of the sim and join them. I'd recommend Chthonic Syndicate at Thorium, because i'm a member there. IM Xah Gloom (me) in sl and i can help you out.

Listed roughly in order of size and activity.

Region: Chronus
Region: Titan

Region: Badnarik

Chthonic Syndicate
Region: Thorium

New Jessie
Region: New Jessie

Region: Base

Region: Krazykat

Region: Verklund
Region: Invade

Vox Aeron
Region: Fenris

Alliance Navy
Region: Cabaret Island

Region: Meliae

World Atheists Warriors
Region: Necromina

Ascendant Initiative
Region: Dorien

Regius Inquisition
Region: Tamarillo

Silver Hawk Army
Region: Fenris

Raven Raiders
Region: Jungle

Black Mamba
Region: Sandey Island

Black Scorpian Mercernaries
Region: Kingston Springs

Blood Fist
Region: Private isle

Region: Gemmarum Insuls

Kratus Mepita
Region: South Purden

Militant Collective
Region: Cosmic Cay

Obsydian Marauders
Region: Prenthai

Omega Tactical Force OTF
Region: Diomede

Delta Force
Region: Bloodwine

Exilion Enclave
Region: Valley

Phoenix Embers
Region: Sub Lupina

Red Wolf
Region: Molly
Notes: half a homested

Sturm Korps Army
Region: Kampfzone

The First Sons
Region: Zoist?

Tercio de Madrid
Region: Great Land

Red Wolf
Region: Molly

Exilion Enclave
Region: Valley

Obsydian Marauders
Region: Prenthai

Omega Tactical Force OTF
Region: Diomede

7th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Region: Ardennes
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