Windows shortcut for switching icon view, list view, in folder

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In Windows Vista, when viewing a folder, you can view it as icons or list or detail. There's no direct keyboard shortcut, but you can do this:

  • Press “Alt v l” for list view.
  • Press “Alt v d” for detail view.
  • Press “Alt v r Enter” for large icon.
  • Press “Alt v m” for medium icon.

You can set a key using AutoHotKey, so that Ctrl+1 is icon view, Ctrl+2 for detail view, similar to the Mac.

Q: Is there a way to switch to next app in Flip 3D?

Yes. Press Ctrl+Win+Tab to go next app. Press Ctrl+Shift+Win+Tab to go next app. Again, you can create a AutoHotKey script so that for example F1 switchs to the previous app, and F2 next app.

I'd be happy to send you little utilities for the above hotkeys. A donation is appreciated.

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