need Mac contributors for ErgoEmacs

a call for Mac contributors for ErgoEmacs.

Hi all, we need contributor to build a mac binary of ErgoEmacs that runs out of the box on the Mac.

Just now, i made some comments in one of our bug:

which lead me to think about building a binary version of ErgoEmacs for the Mac.

However, my mac is PPC based that's 4 years old and is no longer supported hardware by Apple, and the OS X it's running is 10.4, also 2 versions behind the current. So, dev on the mac for me is becoming a problem.

However, my mac is running the full ErgoEmac package daily. So, there shouldn't be any problem running ErgoEmacs on the mac.

if you are on a mac, and is familiar with some elisp, we'd appreciate your help!


Xah ∑

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