Safari “.webloc” File

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Safari “.webloc” File

Xah Lee, 2010-07-09

Discovered that Mac still uses resource fork in a major way.

Open Safari, go to a website, then drag the url to your desktop. You'll get a file named like this: “site title.webloc”.

  • Double click the file will open the website in a default browser.
  • Dragging the file to Safari or Firefox will also open the url.

The “webloc” file is a binary file. The file also contain resource fork.

Deleting the Resource Fork

If you delete the resource fork, the file won't work properly.

  • In OS X 10.6.x, double clicking the file still works, but dragging the file to Safari or Firefox won't open the page.
  • In OS X 10.4, double click does not work anymore, nor dragging the file to a browser.

For how to delete resource fork and other tips, see: Mac OS X Resource Fork and Command Line Tips.

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