Facebook: Every Link is Tracked

Perm url with updates: http://xahlee.org/js/facebook_ethics.html


Addendum. News:

100 million Facebook pages leaked on torrent site at thinq.co.uk.

Every Link is Tracked


Fuck Facebook. Every link on Facebook is tracked. So, when you click, it goes to Facebook itself, then redirect you. And with cookies, of course they know everything you clicked, and who clicked what url of every url on Facebook.

I noticed this practically... long story long: i use multiple browsers at the same time, one with cookies on sites i have a account, and another browser for general browsing purposes. I use Google Chrome as my cookied browser, and Firefox as generic. So, when i want to see url on Facebook, i right click to copy the link, then with keyboard macros i've setup i press a button and the url is opened in Firefox.

However, with fucking Facebook links, i don't get the destination url but a Facebook page warning me about the danger. Here's a example:

facebook url tracking warn

The page that results from a url displayed on Facebook, by right click to copy the url then paste in a another browser.

Here's the text:

Be careful

For the safety and privacy of your Facebook account, remember to never
enter your password unless you're on the real Facebook web site. Also
be sure to only download software from sites you trust.

To work around this, i have to actually copy the url text as shown on the page by dragging to select the text. This is a more manually labor intensive maneuver and error prone. In some cases the url isn't displayed. In general, just didn't have good experience when i want to see links linked from Facebook.

You might think i'm too idiosyncratic in my computer use, or too weird in my complaints, or that i could simply stop using Facebook... i have lots to say about this but you are right. Though, one wonders why Facebook does such a link redirect anyway? First of all, tracking links can be done transparently with javascript, so a hard-coded redirect that goes back to Facebook server is technologically lame. But business wise, of course Facebook does it to gather info to sell. Now, the commercial aspect of this itself i don't oppose, after all, you are not forced at gun point to use Facebook. But having done research on Facebook history (see http://xahlee.org/js/Facebook_ethics.html ) the Facebook is really a scumbag. I think the whole Facebook ways must be the direction of that college boy fuckface Mark Zuckerberg.

So why don't i stop using it? No, i will keep using it. That's what i do. I use you, and abuse you, in proportion to how i see you in my eyes. haha. Put in a positive light, this is called, say, raising awareness, public education, non-violent civil disobedience or unconformalism.

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