Mulan Ballad

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Got a email today from a author asking permission to quote a commentary i made on a poem.

The poem is: 木蘭辭 (Mulan Ballad). (yes, Disney made a animation out of it) He is writing a book about the poem. (in Spanish for Spanish communities) The requested quote is:

Basically, the entire Mulan fable stems from this ballad. Note the ridiculousness of it. How can a girl, in military for 12 years, and fellow soldiers do not realize that she is a female? If so, she must be very unusual and manly. In modern times, she'd be a butcher dyke, or medically and psychologically certified transsexual.

Am delighted.

Note that this article is also cited in a book: Linguaggio e genere: grammatica e usi (2006), By Silvia Luraghi, Anna Olita. (ISBN 8843039261, 9788843039265) . The title in English is: “Language and gender: grammar and usage”.

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