Using Emacs for Twitter

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Using Emacs for Twitter

Xah Lee, 2010-08-28

Discovered a emacs mode that lets you twitter within emacs. Quite nice. I'm not sure i support the Twitter stuff, those instant attention deficit babbling, and these days perhaps a majority of twitter traffic is online marketing (aka SEO) bullshit (there are sites that sell twitter followers. Like, $50 gets you a thousand followers.) , but that's all probably because i'm getting old.

Anyway, there are quite a few twitter modes for emacs. (see: Twitter) The first i tried is TwIt (Twit.el), and it worked well. On the emacswik, it was mentioned that some of them use http instead of https, so it's a security RISK! That'd be a big one! (just imagine, your gmail password got transmitted in the open; and you'll be damned if the same account is used to access tens of other sites by OpenID.) But the Twit.el package mentioned that they fixed it to use https. I haven't looked into, but it all seems just works and hopefully it's secure.

OK, enough babbling. Here's how to use it. Just download it, open the file, then 【Alt+x eval-buffer】.

To twit, call twit-post, give your login name, password, then tweet away!

To view recent tweets, call twit-show-recent-tweets. NICE.

There's quite a few other commands that lets you search and other twitter stuff.

Once you decided you like it, you can install it properly, just follow the simple instructions in the file.

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