are you a persecuting moralist?

Wikipedia article Sideshow. Quote:

Interest in sideshows declined as television made it easy (and free) to see the world's most exotic attractions. Moreover, viewing “human oddities” became distasteful as the public conscience changed, and many localities passed laws forbidding the exhibition of freaks. The performers often protested (to no avail) that they had no objection to the sideshow, especially since it provided not only a good income for them, but in many cases it provided their only possible job. The sideshow seemed destined for oblivion, until only a few exemplars of the ten-in-one remained. A greater number of “Single O” attractions still tour carnivals.

That's a example of moralist doing harm to society. So, if you are such a moralist, e.g. you are the bleedingheart concerned about feminism, children, the poor and have-nots, chances are, you are doing more harm than good, and you are doing it to satisfy the fundamental psychological itch for having a worth in life.

See also:

  • 〈Freaks〉 amazon
  • 〈Sideshow: Alive on the Inside〉 amazon (1999)

There are too many examples to cite...

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