emacs ibuffer tip: mouse click to open file

In dired and Bookmark, you can use mouse click to open a file. But ibuffer, it marks the file instead. Here's how to fix it. Put the following in your emacs init file:

(defun xah-ibuffer-keys ()
  "Modify keymaps used by `ibuffer'."
  (local-set-key (kbd "<down-mouse-1>") 'ibuffer-visit-buffer-other-window)

(add-hook 'ibuffer-hook 'xah-ibuffer-keys)

Select the above code, then press 【Alt+x eval-region】, or restart emacs.

This will make the mouse click open the file into a split pane. What if you want to open the file without splitting the window? Hint: find out the function name for opening the file in ibuffer. (use “describe-key”.)

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