Nearly Extinct Animals (video)

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Nearly Extinct Animals (video)

Xah Lee, 2010-09-13

Extinct and soon to be extinct animal/species

PS i don't support animal rights group, and nor PETA, nor any fervor for Green.

I recommend taking a rational approach. If you can, go back to school and take classes in biology, human history, philosophy, etc. These subjects may seem remote to loving animals, but the extinction of animals isn't just caused by poachers or heartless people, it has to do with the whole society, education, economic system, political system. And even, the protection of animals is just part of human animal problem. There is war, famine, religion, which at large dictate how things change. So, don't just be a bleeding heart and becoming a activist in this or that. Often, the activists are doing the harm.

The song is 〈Whole Again〉 by Atomic Kitten. amazon

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