Open Source Freesoftware problems

A insightful article:

〈The Problems of Open Source〉 (2009). By Dr Mark Tarver. At: Source:

Mark Tarver is the creator of the Qi lisp language, a lisp variant based on Common Lisp and major functional lang features comparable to OCaml/F#, Haskell . (See also: Qi Language Logo)

Here's excerpt from his article:

Free As in Free Speech becomes Free As in Free Beer


We need to get this one out of the way. “Free as in speech” does not mean “free as in beer”, but in fact if you look for GPL software it is almost always “free as in beer”. It's not hard to see why. If you try to sell GPL software, it is possible for your punter to buy it, write some trivial change and resell it under GPL for less, undercutting you. By parity of reasoning this can be repeated down the chain until the price tends to zero. So designers using the GPL nearly always make their work free.

Free Software proponents wouldn't admit, that if “FSF Free” Software is actually not $free$, it would immediatly lost all its force, and become obscure perhaps within a year in human society. In other words, the $free$ is used to sell “Freedom”, because otherwise this ideology has no place to go in the real world, much like the situation in communism (which in practice is forced upon people by dictators.).

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