RSI, emacs, or just too much typing?

My left wrist is whacked. No pain yet, but something is getting serious wrong.

Couple weeks ago, i wrote long about my realization that the problem was the left hand wrist motion to press the 1, 2, Tab etc keys by the bad habit using my index finger. (causing excessive side-to-side wrist motion) (see: Left Wrist Motion Pain; vi Esc key Syndrome.)

I made lots of changes in my habit and keybinding. I learned a whole lot more intricate detail about keyboards and habits, and things are going well; no more tingling sensation, because i have not moved my wrist from side-to-side, not a bit, even i still type many hours a day.

But this morning when i woke up, my left forearm, the area under it, there's some auto-twitching going on. Very slight, some vague sensation best described as tingling goes along with it, and i know it is BAD. I think because i typed too much yesterday.

I realized that i was wrong to think that side-to-side wrist motion was the only cause of my problem. APPPARANTLY, LEFT HAND'S THUMB BENDING INWARD TO HOLD THE ALT KEY can also cause a problem if done too much.

At the moment, i'm not sure i can pinpoint any particular habit or keybinding motion to blame. I type on Dvorak, and Dvorak uses right hand keys 14% more than left. But i don't have any problem with my right hand at all (PS, when writing this paragraph, i just realize that i always use my left hand to type the space bar. That could explain it!)

Am sending this out here as a warning to anyone who does heavy typing. Apparently, ErgoEmacs's ways of using Alt cannot solve prolonged typing.

perm url: Left Wrist Motion Pain; vi Esc key Syndrome.

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