Using Emacs's DiredPlus Mode

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Using Emacs's “Dired+” (DiredPlus) Mode

Xah Lee, 2010-09-15

“Dired+” mode, by Drew Adams, is quite nice. Here's some of its features i found very useful.

emacs diredplus mode

“Dired+” mode.

  • More extensive syntax coloring, so you can easily recognize different file types. (after using plain dired for 10 years, the first few days i found the Dired+ colors distracting, but now i prefer it.)
  • Press 【w】 to copy file name. Works with multiple marked files too.
  • 【F】 to open all marked files. (nice!)
  • 【A】 to regex search marked files. (NICE!)
  • 【B】 to byte compile a elisp file.
  • 【L】 to load a elisp file.
  • Use menu “Mark‣Omit Marked” to omit some files. (useful especially if you use “find-dired” but don't want a subset.)

These are in addition to extremely useful features in dired. (See: File Management with Emacs (dired tutorial))


Get it here:

To install, just place the file at 〔~/.emacs.d/dired+.el〕, then put this code 「(require 'dired+)」 in your emacs init file. Optionally, call byte-compile-file to make it load and run faster.

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