Autism Spectrum Quotient

So, i found this Autism Spectrum Quotient from Facebook.

(before talking about that, here's a side story: motherfuck scumbag facebook. So, i saw this Autism Spectrum Quotient test from friend's comment. Click, and as usuall, it asks to accessing fucking info. Why the fuck is that necessary? Copy the phrase “Autism Spectrum Quotient test”, google, bang, arrive at right there first result. No fucking require my age, sex, sexual preference fuck. (See: Facebook's Ethics.))

Ok, back. Now, the test is available here: Here's a quote about the test:

Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and his colleagues at Cambridge's Autism Research Centre have created the Autism-Spectrum Quotient, or AQ, as a measure of the extent of autistic traits in adults. In the first major trial using the test, the average score in the control group was 16.4. Eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher. The test is not a means for making a diagnosis, however, and many who score above 32 and even meet the diagnostic criteria for mild autism or Asperger's report no difficulty functioning in their everyday lives.

My score is 30.

Agree: 2,4,7,13,16,19,21,22,23,41,42,43,45,46: 1 point
Disagree: 1,10,11,15,17,24,27,29,34,37,38,40,44,47,48,50: 1 point
Score: 30

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