the Inanities of Java

This month, my Java tutorial become quite popular. Here's the most popular pages, with number of page views in the past 30 days.

The “static” Keyword In Java5.803k
Java Tutorial: “this” Keyword5.589k
Interface in Java4.627k
Java Tutorial: The “extend” Keyword4.402k
Java's Access Specifiers2.935k
Java Tutorial: Arrays2.673k
Java Tutorial: Defining a Function2.596k
The “abstract” Keyword In Java2.316k
Xah's Java Tutorial2.168k

There are several links to them from

Java is the most inane language. I did Java for half a year in a day job in 2000. At the time, i was not really sure what i was doing. (this is a typical situation when coding in a day job on someone else's project.) Then, in 2005 i studied Java in some detail, and wrote my tutorial. However, i actually don't code Java, am not good at it, and will never code anything in Java. (am rather sad that Google choose it as its main lang. (but, it's still much better than C or C++.))

Also, of all big software companies, i HATE Sun Microsystems with passion. It is the company with the most despicable marketing fuck, and loves to create random meaningless jargons and abuse established terms. For detail on the jargon part, see:

Of all the 2 thousand tech tutorials and essays i wrote about computing in the past 10 years, i consider the “What are OOP's Jargons and Complexities” piece to be among the top 5 most significant. Am proud of it.

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