most popular sites, used to be #1 trafficked site, is now at 30. lol.

In early 2000s, the top 5 are amazon, ebay, and google or yahoo or apple or msn. Amazon is now 15. Ebay is 21. Yahoo is 4. Am quite surprised how yahoo hasn't fallen. Its services, sites, are among the worst with really annoying ads. (except flickr, which yahoo bought), the search engine for Chinese, is at 6., a chinese portal, is at 10., a online shopping site for chinese, is at 13., another chinese portal, at 16. While google china is at 18.

Now let's look at porn. I vaguely recall, the top first porn was, at 69, about 2007 when i first learned about it (while doing this traffic check!). But now,, is at 54. at 60. Youporn is at 73.

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