tea in Taiwan, US, and Babelcarp

Lew Perin, a programer, who fixed a Windows Vista VirtualStore Problem for FSF Emacs with C code, has written a web app that translate tea names in Chinese to English, with good explanations. The app is called BabelCarp at: http://www.panix.com/~perin/babelcarp.html. Quote:

I've been drinking tea, for want of a better word, *seriously* for a dozen years. Obviously Chinese tea is the majority of all the world's tea of any interest. After a few years, I realized that I would learn something about Chinese tea and then forget it, so I started thinking about how I'd memorialize what I learned. Then I said to myself "Hey dummy, you're a computer programmer - create a web application!" Hence Babelcarp.

If you don't know... tea in China is quite involved, with all sorts of knowledge and culture. Similar to, say, coffee and wine making. You know? the types, techniques to process, locations, brewing knowledge and secrets, etc, with aficionados, competitions, exhibitions, expert tasters etc. Some old masters, can take a whiff of your tea (baked dry leaves) and tell you how much it's worth (in wholesale level trading).

Personally i know quite a bit about tea, more so than a typical Chinese, because my dad is a tea merchant, he bakes tea. (and as a teen, i was beaten, etc, to learn and do the processing, delivery, etc in the family business.)

You can read Wikipedia to learn more: Tea.

One thing funny is that, in Taiwan (where i grew up), you never put sugar in tea. Unless it's bottled commercial iced tea, but even bottled tea is rare (it's like, as rare as bottled ice coffee in US). Nor have i ever heard of putting milk in tea. So, when in US, when people drop some sugar or milk in tea, it's like LOL, what a idiotic practice! That's like, hey let's put some sugar or lemon juice in red wine to enhance the taste. Also, there's never such things as lemon tea, or whatnot orange tea or herb tea or de-caff tea.

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