when will china open net censorship?

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Great Fire Wall, Chinese Net Censorship; When Will China Open Up Internet?

Xah Lee, 2010-10-19

Some issues on chinese censorship.

Some abbrevs used to get around:

The abbrevs are interesting because they are a mixture of: english abbrev, Pinyin, pun.

For info about chinese net censorship, see: Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China. For detail about gfw, see: Golden Shield Project.

Not related to censorship, but here's a simplified char i learned today: 拥护 = 擁護. See: 简体/繁體 字表 (Simplified/Traditional Chinese Characters List).

It would be great if chinese government would open up. Perhaps it is time to open up more?

Btw, if you are a typical american reading this: i do not support the stereotypical “freedom” and “human right” the US is condeming china, all over the mainstream presses. I consider them political propaganda. See:

(Thanks to fangzhzh for explaining the abbrevs.)

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