Xah Lee poll result 2010 Oct 20

Last week's poll result:

With regards to swearing, do you prefer my articles to be:

AnswerVotes Count
True Xah Lee style; (e.g. I don't really give a flying fuck if people can't read my article due to fucking words in it. Those “constructive criticism” thinking fuckers, go study philosophy and fuck off. At times, my copious copulative expletives littered thru-out makes aliterative art, and that's the worth by itself, besides solid content behind them. (google my essay on constructive criticism)) 20 (68%)
Criticize as usual, be honest, don't overswear; some swearing conveys needed altitude.2 (6%)
Swearing distracts. I prefer less or no swearing. Maybe once in a while.4 (13%)
Try to convery the same point, with expressions that are not so offensive or confrontational. Four-letter words is never really necessary in writing.3 (10%)

Total Votes: 29

See also: The Writing Style on XahLee.org.

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