Remove unwanted Window startups

CCleaner is really a fantastic tool. In a easy way, it lets you delete all the cache and temp files of various browsers and Windows files. If you do it manually, you'll have to find it all over your disk, or thru various browser Preference interfaces. It also lets you clean your Registry, and lets you disable or delete the startup program settings, far better interface than the tiny window of “msconfig”.

Here's some startup processes i removed recently:

  • ehtray.exe (Microsoft Media Center) a process is the tray bar process for the Microsoft Media Center. It gives you easy access to the digital media manager.
  • qttask.exe (Apple) lets you have a system tray to start QuickTime.
  • AppleMobileDeviceService (Apple) If you don't own Apple mobile devices, remove it.
  • Reader_SL (Adobe) Garbage.
  • iTunesHelper (Apple) Garbage.
  • switcher.exe (Sony) Wireless switcher thing. Uber junk. About anything from SONY is junk.

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