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Started to write something on Facebook, but as usual i hit the char limit. So, here it is:

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extempore thought:

i used to think that great writing or product is key to success. That is of course still the most important thing. But I've found in this year, marketing is critically important, and it really take a large percentage of your resources (say, at least 20% of your time/resource needs to be spend on such thing) Looking at movies industry, you know how they spend tens of thousand to market each film. Some great films, without marketing, are not known to the general public, and some developed so-called cult following. That's a example. Likewise, companies, have a sizable percentage budgets devoted to marketing. In short summary, in modern society, in general, in order to break beyond close circle fans, a good percentage of your resource must be spend in marketing. Sad in a sense, but that's just how things are.

this applied to my personal level of blog writing is that, i need to constantly devote time to tweet, facebook, etc. Invest time into little widgets like tweet this, facebook me that, which is really a activity i hate. Of course, there are successful blogs or writers who become extremely popular purely by their work thru word of mouth, but in general that's rare exceptions. e.g. if you survey blogs, i think you'll find a large number of quality blogs are without audience, while, lots of garbage (usually run by small companies with lots of fancy ads and animations) has lots readers.

looking at the issue deeper, am sure if you study marketing (say in universities), you'll find a lot things they discuss which we uninitiated wouldn't know. e.g. basics like why marketing, and how, its effectiveness, import, relevance. Looked in a scholarly way. (as opposed to what we might think as all bullshit as most non-academic literature about marketing wants you to believe (such as some pop books. e.g. “10 secrets to marketing”, etc.))

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