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Second Life Viewer 2 Problems

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Xah Lee, 2010-12-22

Many aspects of Viewer 2 are stupid.

The new design is based on web browsers, so it is more familiar to people. I think in general it is a great new interface. More simple, easier to use. However, there are quite a lot stupidities that made it very inefficent while it need not be. Here's some examples i'm writing down as i find it. (i haven't been using Viewer 2. I always use Emerald and now Phoenix.)

  • In old viewer, you can press 【Ctrl+i】 to always expect the inventory to come up. Now, not so. When you do 【Ctrl+i】 now, it simply brings up the sidebar of whatever info was there last time, such as properties of a object. You now have to use mouse to get rid of that. 【Ctrl+w】 won't work.
  • In old viewer, press 【Ctrl+i】 and your cursor is in the search so can type what you want to find things right away. Now, you have to press 【Shift+Tab】 twice to put focus on the search field.
  • The 【Ctrl+t】 to get last IM chat is gone. There does not seem to be any keyboard shortcut to bring up the IM chat window. So, when you have multiple IMs, which happens often, you have mouse click each one, a pain in the ass.
  • When you are in mouse view, you used to be able to see your height. So for example, when you are flying or using jetpack in combat, you can read off your altitude. But now, when in mouse view, all GUI are hidden.
  • If you pop out the inventory from sidebar into a standalone window, then, the 【Ctrl+i】 shortcut no longer works. Nor does 【Ctrl+w】 work.
  • You can't see the region coordinate of your current position anymore. (to find your coordinate, open the map)
  • When using show beacons 【Ctrl+Alt+Shift+n】, but when in mouse look, all disappears. Quite stupid. When fixing griefer problems, or in combat, having beacons on while in mouse look is very useful.
  • The group notices are better, but... When you have a notification from group, it shows in the corner 2 lines of it, and when you click it to read it in full, it shows in a tiny window. The Windows cannot be enlarged. You have to scroll. And, before you got a chance to scroll, it automatically disappears. What a idiocy.
  • The pie menu has been replaced with the less usable rectangular menu. Pie menu is much easier to access. (See: Pie menu)
  • In old viewer, i can see all people on my friend list who i have give map and edit rights. I can easily edit them. With Viewer 2, you have to do a few mouse clicks to see that info for each person (Click on info icon, then click on Profile, then “NOTES & PRIVACY” ).

What are some UI improvements?

Overall, the GUI is more intuitive and modern.

Here's some issues with Viewer 2 or before that i hate very much. Been using Emerald Viewer for 2 years, and now Phoenix.

  • Teleport blacks out the screen. VERY ANNOYING.
  • Very annoying teleport sound.
  • No sim-wide radar. In Phoenix, you can press 【Ctrl+Shift+a】 to list all people in a sim. In Viewer2, it list only nearby people.

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